Website favicons are blank - force bulk icon update functionality?

Haven’t checked how Bitwarden is handling favicons, though the easiest way is to “just” use /favicon.ico which is kinda standard though not every page ahderes to that especially as they’re other ways to define them within the HTML now.

So for example doesn’t exist.

The thing is this to get favicons from the HTML you would actually have to fetch it and parse it, easiest might be if the browser extension would take care of that and then sync it back but that would only work if a user uses any browser extension and only after the extension has been used.
And then also any of the HTML parsing ways would make it a little more complicated to when or how to keep it fresh, because they change at times…

On this note I can’t get my Bitwarden browser extension to refresh my favicon :sweat_smile: in desktop app it’s already refreshed, also tried removing and re-adding the domain and close my browser

For some reason, Bitwarden is not retrieving some favicon. Their claim it is not possible.
If you say it, I have nothing to say on the technical retrieval, BUT then if it is not possible to do this: Bitwarden should just provide the possibility for end users to associate a favorite icon manually for some domain name. This could even be done on a community basis !

Instead what is Bitwarden team providing : Nothing. If the Bitwarden Team considers a solution, I have then question you need to solve: find us a way to have an icon for (for information it is the most popular French website). If you think is solving the issue, I can already tell you that none of the results give you an icon.