Warning Prompt when Closing Apps with Unsaved Information

Save Prompt on Exit or Close of Vault Apps

  • Bring up a save prompt when you exit / close the app, after adding or modifying an entry in your vault

Feature function

  • on exit / close this feature will remind the user that there were changes made to an entry in their vault.
  • clicking yes / save the changes
  • clicking no / cancel the changes made

I would like this feature on all your apps: mobile / desktop / tablet / web

Hi @100th_Merid and welcome to the community,

Does the current feature request here fit what you are looking for?

If so you can add your vote there and voice your support. If you’d like I can merge the two requests here to consolidate.


With the feature request you mention, what happens if the user adds or modifies one entry and closes the app

Thanks for your response

Being that this is a feature request by it’s very nature the function has not been implemented so I couldn’t say with certainty.
Though from what I can gather users are essentially asking for the same thing you are here, to “prompt to save” or otherwise give a pop-up warning if something isn’t saved. Or possibly have some type of “drafts” system where items that haven’t been completely saved will still be able to go back on to prevent data loss.

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I would say it’s related, but not the same thing.

The request you link to asks for the UI to remember which entry you’re looking at when you switch to the app or webpage you’re using the information for (which would also prevent a great deal of frustration).

This request, I believe is to prevent you from exiting the entry by any means (whether clicking outside the pop-up in the web extension, or hitting the back button in the Android app, etc.) without being prompted to save changes when you’re editing an item.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I think I’ve updated important information and lost it because it’s way too easy to back out of the entry with the behaviour of “Cancel edits with no warning”.

This is data loss, which should be unforgiveable in an app designed to SAVE important data.

I’ve changed the title of this topic (was: “Save Prompt on Exit or Close of Vault Apps”) to better distinguish it from the related feature request (“Persistent Bitwarden UI and maintain unsaved data”).