Verification Codes - Like Mobile App for Browser extentions

On Browser Extension, Under “Tabs” pls add “Verification codes” for TOTPs. This feature exist on Mobile app, looking for that to be added to browser as well.

Will also be good to have the ability to click one of those and codes are automatically entered on the active browser screen

@Raja_N Welcome to the forum!

On the Tab view in the browser extension, you can click on one of the login accounts that match to the active browser window, and it’s TOTP value will be auto-filled.*  You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L to auto-fill the TOTP code.*  And if you have already used Ctrl+Shift+L to auto-fill your username and password, then you can use Ctrl+V to paste the TOTP code from the clipboard.

If none of these options work for you, please describe your use-case.

*Auto-filling of TOTP codes is a recently implemented feature, which doesn’t yet work on all websites.

Thanks GRB. Appreciate the quick response. In addition to the shortcuts you mentioned, i also use TOTP generated codes on other devices, like mobile phone or desktop applications which is not integrated to browser extension. In such scenario how its organised on mobile app (Verification codes on the home page) is extremely handy. Adding such feature on browser extension (Tabs page) will help us immensely.

Pls let me know if any clarification is needed on the use case

Sorry, there are a number of discrepancies between your first and second post that are making it difficult to understand what you are proposing.

…but in your first post you said that “this exist on Mobile app”. So do you need a new feature to support your use of TOTP on mobile devices?

…but in your first post, you want clicking a code to make it be “automatically entered on the active browser screen” (emphasis added). Did you mean that you want the TOTP code to be auto-filled into a desktop app?

If so, would the TOTP be needed only when logging in to the desktop app, or are there other uses for the TOTP besides 2-step login on these desktop apps?

Finally, whatever the feature is that you are requesting, what is the reason that you want this function implemented in the Bitwarden browser extension, as opposed to the Bitwarden Desktop app?