Vault Management API (REST from CLI) Create Collection endpoint broken

Im using the fairly new REST Api for the CLI by running
bw serve

I cannot create a collection with the POST /object/org-collection endpoint
I get

{ "success": false, "message": "organizationid option is required." }

Back every time even though organizationid is specified correctly. I have tried organizationId as well. Creating a folder and the other endpoints work (though some don’t match the documentation but I figured it out). I am stuck and hoping someone can help so I can continue

Here is my most recent request body:
{ "organizationid": "removedMyValidUUID", "name": "ACME", "externalId": null }
I have also tried with an empty array for groups, organizationId with a capital, and more

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I’m not sure this is related, but it sounds like it could be - sounds like Bitwarden is working on a fix: