Administrators not able to manage collections

How is the collection administration designed to work ?

As an admin I can’t see all collections. I suppose some admins see some more collections and can manage their permission.
Just as a test I created a collection, but did not grant any group access to it. I was going to grant access to only a few users.
No one can see it or administer it now, since it has no rights defined, I suppose. Not even me, who created it.

Are we supposed to create a separate Admin-group for this purpose, and always grant it access to everything needed ?

Hi Mikko,
to manage the collections, you’ll need to enter your organization through the “Organisations” link in the top menu.

Notice you have a different outcome if you click on the name of a collection (manage groups connected to collection) or on the cog right of it (manage users individually connected to a collection).

I think there’s some room for improvement there. I hope this helps you out.

The problem is that I can’t see the collection in the first place.
The collection I just created. It is no where. I see some other collections created earlier.

Hey @Mikko_Tanner, owners and admins can manage all available collections. The manager user type is used to allow for management of specific collections.

If this is not your experience as an admin, please contact the official support team here.

Another possible thing depending on how this is being viewed could be if there are any access permissions being applied on the collection.
It’s not super obvious so I know there has been some confusion around this subject in the past.

As I understand I believe if a user is an Org owner or admin they can either be assigned all collections or specific collections.
If you give an admin access to only a specific collection that collection is still visible and accessible by the admin from within the Organization vault, as owners and admins still maintain administrative control of the Org.
By selecting only specific view permissions for an admin this will only show those collections to the admin within their personal vault view. If they otherwise do not have access to view the collection they should not see it in the personal vault or mobile app without going directly to the Organizational Vault view.


Recall that Admins and Owners can automatically access all Collections. For these user types, configuring Access Control will determine which Collections are readily accessible in their Personal Vault and client applications (Browser Extension, Mobile, etc.). Admins and Owners will still be able to access “unassigned” Collections from the Organization Vault.

So perhaps you may only be seeing some collections from within your personal vault and thus not seeing the rest if you don’t have “access” to them even as an admin, unless you are in the Org vault specifically.


And to add to what Kent has said, be sure to access the org vault through the web interface (e.g.,, assuming you are not self-hosting), rather than one of the Bitwarden apps/extensions.

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OK, I’m going to go through this step by step:

I am organization Admin.
I log on to the web interface. I go to the Organizations section.
I select the Manage tab. I select the Collections page.

I click New collection

I create a collection. I do not want to give any group access at this time.
[I would have included a screenshot but this system only allows one …]

I click Save

The collection just created does not appear on the collections list for anyone.
It can not be seen anywhere by anyone.

I suspect that some admins have created collections and have managed to grant some access to them for specific users, but now those collections can’t be managed or administered by anyone anymore.

Have any users been granted access to the new collection created?
This can be checked by selecting the “gear” icon on the right of the collection and selecting Users.

Unless a users has been added to your Organization with access to and modify all items, each collection will have to be added to a user’s access permissions, or for easier management you can use groups of people.

I am not in an Organization, so I am just guessing here, but if you create a collection and you don’t assign any user or group to it, perhaps it just never gets created, either by design or because of a bug. It could be by design, actually, because there is no purpose to having a collection that nobody can access, so why create it?

I think to get resolution on this, @Mikko_Tanner, you should contact Bitwarden support at:

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Hey all, stay tuned! It appears there is a regression the team is working on a fix for:

Users affected by the regression will need to set “This user can access and modify all items.”, save, then redo access control (or ask owner to assign the new collection to his account)

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