Vault Locks Automatically When Timeout is Disabled in Android App

After upgrading Bitwarden for Android to v2023.9.1 (7790) the vault constantly locks itself. I have the lock option disabled, however, when I open the app or try to autofill a password in another app, it is locked and I have to enter my master password to unlock it.

Is there a way to resolve this? Is anyone else having this issue?

My phone specs:
OnePlus 11 5G. Android / OxygenOS 13.1
256 GB / 16 GB
Android Security Update: August 5, 2023

Thanks guys.


UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I also have my work account added to my app.
I found that when I closed the app and opened it I would be prompted for the master password, however, when I tap the icon for my account in the top right, I see both my accounts. My work account is listed as “unlocked”. I can open it without the password. Then I tap the account icon again to list my accounts and open my main account, it says it is unlocked and I can open the vault without a password prompt.

So, it seems that even though I have my vaults set to not lock, I get prompted for the password of my MAIN account to open it directly but can open it when selecting my other (work) vault. This seems to be a bug. Can anyone else replicate?


I don’t know about the work account, but the same it’s happening to me since the app has been updated a week ago. It is always locked and it asks for password, pin or fingerprint (depending on what I set up). Lock timeout is set to never and battery optimisations are disabled.

Yes, that is exactly it!
Every time I try to log into a website, or app, I see the Bitwarden icon and it says vault locked. When I open the Bitwarden app I have to enter the master password. Only then can I auto-fill the passwords into other apps or websites.
I have battery optimization off as well. I noticed yesterday that when I unlock it and swipe the app closed then re-open it, it was locked immediately.


Okay, I found out that the new versions: 2023.9.1 and 2023.9.0 have the issue of the vault locking automatically when the app is closed and prompting for the password.

I downloaded and installed 2023.8.0 and it does NOT have this bug. I downloaded it from apkmirror.

Can someone form DEV look at what was changed between version 8 to 9? This is where the issue started.



I am having the same issue but with Bitwarden iOS.
Vault timeout set to Never
Vault timeout action Lock

opening the app
autofill in Chrome

both bring up a screen asking me to verify my master password

Bitwarden ver. 2023.9.1 (4890)

iPhone 13 mini
iOS ver 17.0.1

I am having the same issue on Android v 2023.9.1 - the app does not respect my lock/timeout settings and setting battery use to unrestricted/setting the app to never sleep does nothing. Am using a Samsung Galaxy S23+ running Android 13

After I downgraded, I haven’t had a problem with it. It has been working normally. Let me know if you need / want the previous version so you can downgrade.

That would be great, honestly.

How did you accomplish downgrading?

Same issue for me. Updated my Android 10 Moto and then I had to enter the master password everytime I tried to log in to website.

Does not happen on my Windows Chrome laptop. Please fix soon.

Same issue with me.It’s a nuisance!

I downloaded the previous version. From apkmirror. I don’t know if links are allowed here but I couldn’t message you so here’s the link:

This is the universal non-dpi apk.
I had to uninstall my current t version before I stalling the previous version.

Just a FYI, the latest update to BitWarden for Android v2003.9.2 released on October 9, 2023 does NOT resolve the constantly locked vault.

I upgraded today to test and immediately my vault was locked again. Unlocked it, closed the app, locked automatically again. I had to downgrade again.

Just wanted to try to save anyone a future headache.

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That’s because it hasn’t been fixed yet nor merged into a release. I don’t think there’s anywhere stating this issue would have been fixed in that version.

I didn’t see the issue addressed in the release notes, but I wanted to try it in hopes it had been fixed since there have now been 2 releases.
I just hoped I could save someone the frustration of upgrading then having to downgrade again.

Hopefully next release this will be resolved.

I don’t even know if they started working on this issue. There’s no mention of it being in progress on GitHub, however they do use some other platform internally to track their work and not necessarily on GitHub

I forgot to check GitHub for any updates. But I have been really happy with BitWarden overall and now my company uses them for all corporate accounts, so I don’t mind waiting till they fix the vault issue.

This one discusses iOS not respecting vault timeout. I don’t know if a specific one for android was started or if this one can be modified to include android since this thread addresses the mobile clients anyway.

FYI: Just wanted to let everyone know that this issue for Android has been FIXED in the update released 11/06/2023 v2023.10.0

This specific is mentioned in the update release info.