Vault Locks Automatically When Timeout is Disabled in Android App

It’s not fixed at all. Version 2023.10.0 on Android, vault still locks itself after minutes to maybe 1 hour. I’ve tested other password managers (dashlane, proton pass) and problem does not occur on them, even when app is swiped out from recent apps. Samsung S10 Lite, Android 13.

Can someone do something about it? I remember that about a year ago there was a workaround that when you set up pin code instead of fingerprint as unlocking factor, app was respecting “never lock” setting, now even this doesn’t work…

Edit: looks like v.2023.3.2 downloaded from GitHub still can be used for this workaround with pin code, yet it’s probably not advised to use obsolete version of app.

That’s strange. I updated to v2023.10.0(8257) through the Google Play store and it is now respecting the “Never Lock” setting.
It still doesn’t work a lot of sites or apps but for me, at least I can open the app and copy/paste.

Maybe there is something specific about your phone and Android version they can look into?

I have also got the same problem since last 3-4 months.
I have set the session timeout → 15 minutes , session timeout action → Lock.
Under unlock options - “unlock with pin”- turned on
But it majority times i happens that , after 15-1 hr the app closes and i need to enter the master password again instead of the pin :slightly_frowning_face:.
Also i am observing that this behaviour might be related Android 13 , since its almost the same time i updated my phone to android 13 and this issue had started. Even the above users facing the issue seem to use A13.

But certainly this is not a good user experince .I was hoping that the issue gets fixed by devs soon in months time , but we are still stuck with this
I hope the development team are aware of this and working to get this fixed soon.

I’ve got to say that last update - 2023.12.0 - seems to fix the issue. Did you try to update app through Google play?

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yes i am using the latest version on playstore i.e 2023.12.0 (8588) . To add more context i have a motorola phone (global) running Android13 . There is no additional app optimization in my OS.
Also if i remember correctly we didn’t even need to put the app to unrestricted mode in in battery settings, neither bitwarden prompted too and it used to work perfectly.
I have now made battery settings to unrestricted to see if the behaviour changes