Vault Item Sharing

Hi @tgreer, do you have any updates on this Item Sharing with individual users? Is it still in the roadmap for 2022?
My company is evaluating a new password manager (even with a paid business plan for 130 people), but this feature is a blocker on the adoption of bitwarden because it’s used a lot within the team

It would be a great feature to have and to support the project!

Trey (tgreer) has left Bitwarden quite some time ago.

The current roadmap can be found here:

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Hey @cassvail the team is currently working on flexible collections, which will help with self managed user-to-user sharing, stay tuned for more info :+1:


For premium/paying customers, integrating this into Bitwarden Send feature would be very helpful. I would love to be able to click “Share via send” on a password entry, select expiration rules, and share with an individual like I do today with text/files.

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As I posted separately, my hope is for simple sharing to user(s), which is a feature my corp uses in lastpass quite a lot. Since people are fleeing lp I expect more wanting an alternative with this feature.

Well, don’t forget self hosted users this time… Thanks

I have just started testing Bitwarden to make the move from Lastpass, but I’m a bit surprised the sharing is so limited unless I am missing something?

I am the owner and IT manager for my business so I have Lastpass deployed for our core staff of 5 people. We use shared folders which everyone has access to for general company-wide shares. We then have a few extended contractors/consultants that are also on Lastpass and need access to only a few discrete items. For those users, I simply share a vault item to those contractors and only the staff who needs that access.

Finally, I have about 6 family members who are NOT tech savvy at all and I set them up on Lastpass so we can share passwords using the share vault-item function in Lastpass. Given the limits around organizations, this seems impossible to carry out in bitwarden?

Am I right to understand that there is no functionality or workaround to do something like this in Bitwarden? If so, this is really sad because it is absolutely a deal breaker on migrating to Bitwarden.

Check out the Roadmap here. This should be coming some time in the first half of 2023 it looks like.

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Hi @JeremyCouch thanks for the reply, but this feature was also planned for the end of 2022 ( )
Now it’s planned for first half of 2023. So I’m not sure if the planning is actually followed-up.
I’d be happy if it’s actually in development and coming up soon, but as said in previous message as a company we might need to use a different password manager to close this yearly goal of security.

Maybe @dwbit can you give us some updates on this topic.
Thank you!

Thanks for checking in all, this is on the roadmap but I don’t have any specific ETAs at this time, we will be sure to share more information as it becomes available :+1:


It is also a crucial feature for our company to make the switch to bitwarden. We absolutely need the function of sharing individual passwords with individual users.
I am very happy to see here that this function is planned in the status. We very much hope that a focus can be put on this in order to share passwords even more comfortably and easily in the near future.