Vault Item Labels (tags)

I understand that Tags are delayed, makes me :face_holding_back_tears: however I understand that you guys are under pressure. Just wanted to say that I cannot wait to try out Tags :label:. I’m so so excited. I’ll be on the lookout for the new feature! Keep :arrow_up: the good work! Thanks @dwbit & everyone else on the team!, appreciate your continued hard work and support!

BTW - agree with most otters, please :pray:t3: keep both “Labels” & “Tags” however if we can only get 1 or the other. I vote for “Tags” then

Wait, what is the difference between computer Labels and Tags?

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Sending good vibes to the dev team <3 <3 and we know you guys are amazing and work hard on various features :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: to keep our password safe. Would really be delighted to see Tagging feature be implemented, but no pressure!! :drooling_face: And here’s another virtual icecream for everyone on the team!! :icecream:

Some nice inspirational ideas here, nice :slight_smile:
I want to also add than supports Folders as well since a pretty long time now :slight_smile:

This feature has been identified over 5 years ago. It’s been on the roadmap for months now, and we barely receive an update about it. What’s the hold up? When are we expected to be able to get this rolled out?
Most people here likely won’t vent, so I’ll do it for them. You guys are running a business. Your customers are telling you what they want, but you are taking years to deliver. In any other world these customers would be long gone.
I’m happy to part with my hard earned for the right product. Your competitors have vault labels for years now. Stop stringing us along and give us solid updates, or tell us to get lost because we’ve changed our mind, or it’s fallen down the priority list - whatever. Excuses are like buttholes; everyone has one. Just give us a bloody update and tell us when you are accurately deploying this feature so I (and others) can make an informed decision to cut you loose or not.


@hyperlink must refer to the folders when mentioning the labels.

@dwardo has said it all, but I would add my own resentment to make you understand the reality from which you wish to escape with powerful denial.

I use 1password reluctamtly, just because they have tags. Despite your chronic inefficiency, I think you’ll offer tags before ProtonPass, and I could have switch to your service afterthat with no loyalty to your whatsoever.

But I saw some case of Bitwarden users who lost all their passwords caused by a flaw that the company doesn’t even seem to care about. Read for yourself:

  1. [Warning] All data completely deleted from account
  2. Bitwarden just deleted all my passwords

So that’s it, I already had little regard for this company, and those unfortunate experiences has just buried what was left of it.

You don’t know :

  • How to organize your company.
  • How to prioritize what has to be done.
  • How to give proper support.
  • How to communicate sincerely.
    In fact, you don’t know how to run a business, that’s an undeniable fact.

I switched to 1P last year for the same exact reason. Un?fortunately their UI totally sucks, and autofill on Android is wonky at best, which made me switched back to Bitwarden. I’ll be re-evaluating Synology’s C2 Password (half the price even), as well as Proton Pass when they’re mature enough.

Almost 2 weeks have passed since I posted this, and with a couple more replies from others - yet BW support is nowhere to be seen, nor even acknowledge legitimate concerns from their customers.
Sadly I wasn’t expecting anything less.

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Funny how this feature request is tagged as “roadmap:in-progress” but the roadmap clearly reads “under research”. Really feel being toyed around, this will be my last payment cycle as long as communication is still broken.

I am currently using another Password Manager which has the tag feature. I thought to change to BitWarden to have some more features, however I stopped my idea of change it because of the lack of tags… for me this is a mandatory feature.

I decided to follow this forum thread to be updated about the news of the feature… and I am quite disappointed with the updates. I believe it’s not so complex to implement this feature and it seems there is no interest from BitWarden to solve customer needs.

So you’ve reviewed the source code for the server and various clients and made this assessment? Have you considered contributing to this open source project and submitting a pull request?

Here comes the “it’s open source so shut up and code it yourself” argument.

As if we cant feel disappointed and decided to vote with our wallets


I don’t think this user spoke in that succinct way to what you wrote here. I would like to say some arguments that I think are complementary for further clarification. I think you are right, but I would like to add an interesting argument.

1. Maybe you could say that you wouldn’t need to code something to contribute something. There are many ways to support an open project, like voting for certain features, passing on feedback, helping with documentation etc.

  • It’s interesting to think about, because most people associate open source with software development.
  • Yes, if you want to help with open source software development, you need to be a programmer. But it’s not essential, there are other ways to help with open source development.
  • Maybe you could say that from an end user point of view, I don’t need to understand something open or closed to use something. For example, a user accessing the Bitwarden website does not need to understand how a website works to actually log in and use Bitwarden. Likewise, I don’t need to understand how open source works to actually contribute to open source. For example, suggesting changes or voting on features, because these are forms of contribution.

2. Maybe you could say that the above argument is problematic, because from an open source contributor’s point of view, help for help is not synonymous with merging. Not always someone on the development team can accept your contributions.

  • In that sense, it doesn’t make sense to collaborate on a certain functionality if nobody (the development team or the end user) accepts it in advance.
  • What I mean here is that everyone matters, including end users and the development team.
  • So telling an end user to contribute open source code is similar to telling you “to know how to drive a car”, “you need to know how to build a car”.
  • While that’s a good argument (telling people to contribute open source), it doesn’t make sense overall.

I think we can be disappointed with certain features of a given open source tool, but that’s not the main reason. But the main reason to have an open source tool is to get help from different people along the way. Part of the mutual help process is coding, opening and closing bugs.

Do you even realize that not all users of this software are coders or not? Do you also think you can’t go into restaurant and complain about food, because you can much more easily prepare food yourself?


I don’t think this criticism or argument is right. I’m not criticizing your person, but your argument. I didn’t say this user’s argument is wrong, I said it’s a little mistaken. For example, there is a very interesting article talking about what open source is:

I don’t think things are totally certain, I think there are particularities that we should consider before having a formal opinion on something.

“Fix it.
If you find a bug, notice missing, incorrect or misleading documentation, or want an enhancement, your first option is to make a request to fix it. Raise the issue in the bug/request tracker of choice. Heck even a tweet at the owner might be good enough. However that is not your only option. You can choose submit a patch after you fix it yourself, or if you lack the skills, pay someone else to do so. You could also offer to pay the maintainer to resolve this for you. If there is enough value for you to raise the issue, perhaps there is enough value to pay to resolve it?
The maintainer however has all rights to reject your patch, close your bug ticket or turn down your offer of payment. It is their project. So should you get angry and start abusing them? No. You should move to the next F of open source software.”

On the other hand, I think this user is right. If there is something that has been reported as a problem, the next step is to fix this failure or create a version with this functionality separately if this is not accepted.

My question is, does voting here guarantee that certain features here are implemented? How can we best contribute to Bitwarden?

I think everything will be implemented soon. The Bitwarden team and users are amazing. The problem today is that people want immediate things. But software development is not something immediate. If we want to help people, we must look at solutions to certain problems.

I have, but won’t anymore with the response i received: [PM-1959] Add Global equivalent domains for Internet Archive by TheBestPessimist · Pull Request #2875 · bitwarden/server · GitHub

While I agree with your other points, I think this part need to be completed:

Yes, getting helps to crowdsource progression is the main reason open source exists. But Bitwarden is a paid product as well, so it will be very subjected to how the company plan out, monitor, and communicate with the progression. I won’t be angry if I am self-hosting, and I’m not angry due to the slow development, it is the communication part that’s sucks.

I dont care if 1 or 1000 great minds contributes to the project, but if the business entity keep baiting us with an (seemingly) empty promises, I’ll not allow them to hide behind the “dis iz opnsoz y not u code lol” wall.

They had failed their roadmap (at least for tags) for several years, it’s their management issue. If you don’t have enough staff / contributors for said feature, don’t make a promise.

Of course, I’m from development background, I know this probably as well as you do. With all due respect, it had been FIVE years since this post was made.

And 6 years since it was added to the “pipeline”. It seems very so to me that the pipeline lead to the sewer instead.

I am frustrated and disappointed. The staff is definitely brilliant, and the community is among the best I known. It’s the management where the issues lie (pun intended)


I see the words ‘open source’ thrown around here a lot. Fair enough - if the ‘free’ product Bitwarden produces is the only product they offer, then you get what you pay for.
If, on the other hand, they have a ‘premium’ unencumbered and claimed full-suite product which they charge money for (and subscription at that), then they are a business and therefore must be held to account on the roadmap and promises they announce in their portfolio. Open source or not, they must be held to account, period. Otherwise in this case money walks and bull$h1t talks.

Referring back to the restaurant analogy someone mentioned - picture this:
You go into a restaurant and order a meal for a price you accept. The order goes into the kitchen and usually within 10-20 minutes you have your meal at your table. Voila. You pay for it and off you go, gut full and happy as Larry.
Now imagine a similar scenario where, you go into said restaurant, you sit down and they take your order. Then waiter comes back saying “we’ve added your order to the kitchen roadmap, however we’re not sure when we’ll be able to fulfil it. We’ll try to keep you updated on your ordered meal maybe once every 3 months give or take, but feel free to come back to check on your order yourself”.
Okay… so the waiter hasn’t communicated anything back to you, so you decide to check on your order. To your astonishment you discover that 10’s if not 100’s of customers have already put in the same order prior to you, starting from about 5-6 years ago, and they are still waiting for their meal.

There are plenty of other companies out there that use open source software in their product, which they may or may not have forked off for their purpose. Any posts here along the lines of ‘give BW a break man, they are open source’ are disingenuous because at the end of the day BW collects money for a premium product. I want to give BW a chance, I truly do. Like I said before I’m happy to part with my $ for a product that I deem worthy for my use. Based on what I’ve seen like others here, is just empty promises.


I was a long time 1Password user, but after the update to 1Password 8 the apps felt like a beta and I didn’t understand why they were updated to this level. In Germany we say “verschlimmbessern”.

After some time searching for a new manager I came across KeePass and still use it. I love the way you can customize it with your own icons for the folders and entries. You can manually rearrange your folders and use tags.

What I don’t like is the syncing - there is no syncing at all, so you have to find your own way to make it happen. The second issue is that you have to trust various third-party developers. I use KeepassXC on Windows, KeepassDX on Android, and Strongbox on iOS.

Maybe it’s not a big deal I guess, but Keepass never felt like “this is my manager, I’m going to stay here” to me.

I’ve heard so much about Bitwarden and tried it out. The interface is not as nice as Keepass and I miss the features I have with KP, like manually reordering folders and also the custom icons (which I could neglect).

And the main thing I’m missing is tags! I came across a reddit post with the workaround writing the tags in the notes field and using search to find entries with that note. However, this does not work in the Android app - unfortunately this workaround is useless for me.

This thread is from 2018 and nothing has happened since then but “soon”.