Bitwarden just deleted all my passwords

Bitwarden just deleted all my passwords. There is still the icons, but the contents are gone. why?

Very concerning issue!

Thanks for the reply. I’ve googled this issue. and there was also a person whose passwords were all deleted. this is the post that was already closed.

[Warning] All data completely deleted from account

I read most of the thread you mention. I already had little regard for this company, and those unfortunate experiences has just buried what was left of it.
I still invite you to contact Bitwarden’s official support, as you may be better taken care of.

I have sometimes experienced this in windows client, icons and entries seem to be there but not able to access them. Reboot/re-sync usually fixes this, so seems to be client issue. Web vault / mobile app is always working ok when this happenes.

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off topic, those that have their data wiped don’t talk about visual glitch…