Username is Email - not filling

New to Bitwarden and coming from RoboForm.

With the Firefox extension, when I go to a site that requires my email address as the “username”, Bitwarden doesn’t populate it.

I’ve got to believe this is fairly common, so what am I doing wrong?

@HeyEph Welcome to the forum!

The solution for this depends on the individual website (because there is no standardization for design of web login forms). Please share one or more URLs (we addresses) of login forms where you are experiencing this issue, and I’ll let you know if the issue can be solved (and if so, how to fix it).

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Here’s the one I discovered:

In the vault item for this site, you need to create a custom field of the “Linked” type, set the custom field name to username, and link it to the Username field. It should look like this:



Basically, in the dropdown below where it says “+ New custom field”, select the option “Linked”, and then click the circled “+” symbol. In the field that’s created, place your cursor where it says “Name”, and type username; finally, change the dropdown selection from “Password” to “Username”, and then click “Save”.

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Thanks! That worked for username!

However, when I hit continue for that first page, it takes me to the second page with a password field. The BW icon doesn’t load automatically on that page. I have to refresh the page for it to show up.

Is there a fix for this one?

Thanks again!

Just found my second issue. Perhaps you can help with this one, too, please?

Loads a page with Username AND Password fields on one page, but again, BW icon does not appear, even when I refresh.

Thoughts on this one?

Unfortunately, I cannot get to the second page of the Empower site, since I don’t have an account there. There are two methods for finding the string to use for the custom field name (the context-menu method using right-click, and the manual method using “Inspect”); both methods are explained here.

If you can’t get it to work, please post a screenshot of the HTML code that is revealed when you use the “Inspect” method.

The issue with that site is not the field names, it is simply that the login form input fields are not visible when the page is loaded. Thus, Bitwarden doesn’t have anywhere to insert the inline auto-filling icon. When you click Log In v, a scipt running on the site just redraws part of the webpage to display the input fields, but it doesn’t load a new page; Bitwarden only attempts to insert the inline auto-filling icon when a webpage is first loaded, so you are not going to get an icon in this case.

The solution is pretty simple: just use one of the other available auto-filling methods:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L.

  • Right-click your mouse anywhere on the page, and select Bitwarden > Auto-fill login > (Your Kinecta Account).

  • Left-click the small Bitwarden browser extension icon at the top of your browser window, then left-click the Kinecta account shown in the list of available logins.

Thanks. Those work.
What does RoboForm do differently that allows them to show their icon when the fields are drawn?

I don’t know how RoboForm does it, but at a minimum, they would have to be injecting a script that checks for mouse clicks and then re-examines the webpage contents to see if any new form fields have appeared.

For the second page of the Empower Personal Capital login (the password), I was able to get that working. Thanks!

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For Kinecta, that may be a showstopper for my wife. LOL.

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It’s still just two clicks (click the extension icon, click the account), same as it would be if the inline auto-fill icon was present. But some habits die hard, I guess.