User interface issue

I’ve got a website with multiple login accounts.

Here’s my ideal workflow - I open the extension panel, select VAULT, select the account I want to use for that session and click on launch and the extension goes to that url and fills out THE ITEM I CLICKED on.

It fills it with the last used item or nothing at all.

I then have to open the extension again and click on TAB tab and select the correct account again to autofill.

I’ve requested this before with no changes.

It’s just not intuitive. If you go to the vault and click on a specific entry - the user what’s to login with THAT account. Why make him go to the extension again and click on the TAB entry.

Also, the fact that in VAULT, you’ve got to click on the icon and on the TAB, you’ve got to click on the main list-item to fill. Counter intuitive.

Can you tell me the advantage of the current interface over what I’m proposing.

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