Use Custom Fields across multiple items

I would like to use Bitwarden to track which personal information (like phone numbers, addresses) a party or account has about me. Custom Fields seem like a good option for this; I would create a field “Phone number” and for each item add the phone number that I’ve used for the account.

But Custom Fields don’t seem to be re-usable across multiple items. Or am I missing something?

This would be a very useful feature, especially when you switch e.g. phone numbers. You could simply search for “Phone Number” = [old phone number] and see which accounts you’d have to update.

I can imagine there are many other possible benefits of re-using Custom Fields. If you have any ideas, please share!

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This seems like something that would be addressed by the availability of customizable vault item templates, which has already been requested:


If you agree, I can transfer your vote (and comment) to the existing thread.

This is definitely something that would be nice. The ability just to generate custom fields that apply globally is slightly different than the Additional item types (pre-defined) because @LeonDries is requesting for the ability to customize global fields rather than adding pre-defined fields.

OK, but OP’s request would (in my opinion) be met by the previously requested feature “Customizable vault item types”. Thus, I am suggesting that the current thread be merged with the “Customizable vault item types” thread (not the “Additional item types (pre-defined)” thread).

For example, with this feature, you would be able to create a custom login item template, which would look like the current login item, except that it includes a custom field for telephone numbers. Thus, in every new vault item created using this custom template, there would be a telephone number field available to complete.