Update list of Collections display

Simple request. I have a few organizations I am a part of that have some Collections with the same name. Unfortunately it’s becoming a guessing game when navigating the vault of which one that collection belongs to. Simply adding the organization’s name above/below the collection’s name in a faded font would alleviate this issue for me, and potentially make things even better for others.

Additionally, adding the option to sort by collection name or organization name would be an option others may would like to have added as well.

The way you currently navigate your vault is, in my opinion, where the most easy wins can be had. Proper filters, showing only personal items or only organization items.

The data structure is there but it’s poorly utilized in the interface. Hopefully this can get some love in the near future.

Interesting - good feedback on the collections & UI.

@rskuipers - definitely start a topic if you want regarding other UI tweaks you’d like to see. Anything specifically about how you’d recommend swapping between those views?

Hi @tgreer,

Thank you for the rapid follow-up.

I would expect to see a dropdown in the header, next to your account menu, that allows me to switch between “Personal” and whatever organizations I’m in.

Selecting Personal (default) would show you the interface it shows now but then showing only items that exist within your own account and haven’t been shared with organizations. This also means hiding all collections since that concept doesn’t exist within your personal space, so only folders would be shown.

Selecting an organization would show the view you now get when clicking on the organization link under “ORGANIZATIONS”.

I believe this change would remove a lot of confusion on what is yours and what is part of the organization. With that I would also recommend renaming “Share” to “Transfer” so that it’s clear you’re transferring ownership.

We’ve just now started using Bitwarden within our organization (13 users), so there’s a bunch of feedback from all of us. I’ll try to channel that into some topics.

I can agree with @rskuipers about the name change of “Share” to something better, but I’m not quite sure if “Transfer” is the way to go. Immediately when some of my organization users saw this, they thought it was a way to share a login with a person, and not really relative to organizations. They’re sort of on the right track, but it’s not close enough to be something completely obvious and self explanatory. It even took me a few times to remember what it was for.
The reason I don’t think “Transfer” is a good choice, is because that seems like you’re moving it from your vault to the organization, and thus losing access to it (although ownership is transferring).
Maybe something like “Migrate” would work?

Anyways, that’s a bit off topic from this simple request of this thread. I probably should have mentioned I was referring to in apps/extensions for this, not the web panel. If you open the extension and scroll all the way down past the folders and to collections, it only lists them by collection name and has no guide to the organization it belongs to.

So for instance, if I have 3 organizations and a “Website Administration” collection in each, then I have three categories in a row labeled “Website Administration” and have to guess/learn which ones are which.

Example from browser extension:



for now it´s not visible at desktop or browser addon, in which vault a password is stored. I can sort by collection, but not view the vault assigment. Is there any workaround?