"Unsharing" a password

I have a Bitwarden Family Plan.

When I share a password with another family member the password gets moved out of my vault and into the family vault and added to a collection.

There is a password I shared with a family member that I no longer want to share with them. I went into the family collection and tried to remove the password from all collections, and I got an error that says it needs to be added to at least one collection. So, I figured I could just create a collection that only I have rights to and add it ot that.

But I would really rather move it back to my personal vault.

I can’t find any way to move a password between vaults without exporting it and importing it.

Hello @apastuszak,

You can see an answer to a similar question posted here.

In short, you will want to clone the items from your Organization back into your individual vault via the web-vault for items.

Alternately you can export from the Organizational Vault and condition the export from an shared organizational vault to import into a personal individual vault.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: