Move a login from organization to user

Hello @Simo and welcome to the community,

Due to the nature in how items are encrypted from your individual vault and then encrypted with an Organizational Vault for sharing purposes, items that are Moved into an Organization vault from your personal vault are essentially “owned” by that Organization at that point.

What you can do though as an Owner of your Organization, is clone the items in your Organization vault and then clone these to your personal vault.

Since these are Organization owned items you will need to clone them from the Organization vault view in the Bitwarden web-vault.
After these items are cloned into your personal vault, you can then delete them from the Organization vault.

One other thing you may due depending on how many logins you are attempting to move back into your personal vault, you can try to export these from the Org and then back into your personal vault.

You may need to first condition some of the formatting from the Organizational Vault export to be compatible with an Individual Vault import depending on if you export to .csv or .json