Unlock with biometrics not working on FF browser-MacBook Pro

“Unlock With Biometrics” on Firefox (MacBook Pro M) is suddenly not working. It stays stuck in “Awaiting confirmation from desktop”. This worked before and I have not made any changes that I know of.

For now FF won’t be able to leverage biometrics. More details here: Extension disabled due to new permissions · Issue #1548 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

Thank you Trey for the quick response. Is this extension on MacBook Safari browser working?

Glad to answer :sunglasses:

Heh, not just yet. We are working on an update to use the new Extension framework in Big Sur. But soon though!

Thanks again for the incredibly quick response. Looking forward to the update.

Update :grin: , This is now live! Bitwarden Browser Extension v1.49.0


The biometrics option is not showing up in the menu. I noticed I had the latest version of Firefox for mac 86.0.1. which won’t work with biometrics. I then downloaded the Version 87.0 beta and added bitwarden extension v1.49.0 and I still don’t see the option for biometrics.

This was unfortunately a false statement, completely my fault and misunderstanding. My apologies :frowning_face:. This will be in a near-future release but didn’t make the release candidate in time for the v1.49.0 release.

I am so happy to see that the issue have been solved. Please keep sharing this type of issue.