Biometrics for Firefox

I would like to be able to unlock my vault using biometrics on the browser Firefox for Windows 10.

It works, just needs v87 which is in beta right now. :slight_smile:

Firefox 87.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes (released yesterday)

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Am I doing something wrong? To use biometrics with Firefox, I must:

  1. First start the Bitwarden desktop application and authenticate w/biometric
  2. Start Firefox browser, click on the Bitwarden icon, and then click on ‘Unlock with Biometrics’
  3. Return to the Bitwarden desktop app and click on ‘approve’
  4. Again, authenticate the desktop app a second time with biometrics.
  5. Return to Firefox.

Just entering the PIN is far quicker than all those steps. How is the Firefox biometric enhancement an improvement? I must be doing something wrong. What’s the correct procedure?

Yep, you must be doing something wrong - I got it working on FF and I certainly am not going through all those steps to unlock the BW extension. Two clicks and a fingerprint scan and I am in, except after a fresh reboot.

Why don’t you list all your settings and provide screenshots of each step in detail so we can diagnose why your process is so much more detailed than us?

I unchecked ‘Require verification for browser integration’ which eliminated some of it, and enabled Bitwarden on-start-up, which did streamline the process.