Unified Desktop experience

I recently switched from NordPass to DashLane to BitWarden in like 3 days, and I am sticking with BitWarden (its my fav :D) but NordPass does something really good that I greatly miss.

A Unified experience, now what do I mean by this? Well in order to use the NordPass on the Browser you HAVE to install the Windows/Mac/Linux Application, as the application is where you Login or can view the vault ECT. The NordPass Browser extension is just an extension of the Desktop application that allows for the Autofill.

Why is this nice? It makes it much easier, when I start up the computer I log into NordPass on the application, and when I open up my Browser its already logged in and ready to go cause im logged in on the application.

Currently, I login on Bitwarden on the Desktop, and then when I open the browser i have to Login again to allow autofill. and due to the browser I’m using, every time i close the browser i have to re-log into bitwarden again, where with NordPass this was mitigated because I was logged in on the application.

That option is already there…

You don’t have to re-login every time.

click on bitwarden extension icon>> click on Settings>> (under SECURITY heading there is option called Lock option) change that Lock option to “Never

additionally, you can set PIN too… settings> security> unlock with pin


That’s different, because what im suggesting is linking the Browsers application to the Desktop Application.