Unable to autofill on iOS

I have reported this to the link but I really want to know if there is something I am doing to cause this.

It happens on my iPad Pro & iPhone 11.

Screenshots below show what I am seeing, the two apps I have tested + web version of 1 app and my current vault settings. It just loops and asked for my master password over and over again and never fills.

in iOS
settings - password - password options
then tick bitwarden

I seem to recall needing to enter the master password the first time. Subsequently it will be Face ID so more convenient.

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Any chance that you recently changed you account security settings to use the new Argon2id KDF option (and if so, does that correspond to when this problem started)?

I already did that and autofill works via Nintendo.com but not Todoist.com or the Things 3 app or Todoist app.
It makes no sense. I used face ID on Nintendo.com after entering my password once and now it is asking for my password again when I visit Todoist.com

I did update to argon2. I’m not sure if it corresponds cause I just switched back from 1Password when this setting was set up and the install had me installing 2023.2.0 everywhere so I immediately enabled it. Not thinking it could cause an issue like this.

The AutoFill app on iOS has a memory limit of 120 MB. As a result, you may need to set the Argon2id memory requirement to a value significantly less than 120 MB.

You can confirm whether this was the cause of the problem by switching back to PBKDF2. If the problems disappear, then you’ll know that Argon2id caused the problem. You could then go back to Argon2id if you want, but adjust the memory setting to a lower value.

Alright, I will test that now

If that doesn’t work, see if the solution in the thread below helps:

The original solution you provided (memory) worked. Learned something new. Thank you!

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Glad I was able to help. You may also want to take a look at this other recent thread by @tomtom , which claims that the 120 MB memory limit doesn’t apply when you’re using biometrics to unlock:

I wasn’t sure if the above was applicable to your situation or not (since you did mention Face ID), which is why I had also suggested the alternative solution in my follow-up response.

Weird iOS 15.7.3 works fine. My other iPad with iOS 16.3.1 did not work until I switched back to PBKDF2. I will experiment with memory settings for Argon2

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