Important PSA for iOS and Argon2 users

The 120 MB limit of the autofill API does not apply to Bitwarden if you use biometric unlock.
Feel free to go as high as your CPU/memory allows.

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Have you done a test run of it? Interesting if the limit isn’t a blockade for using the app

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Of course I have. It only affects first login.


Awesome :clap: I am going to check it out. Thanks buddy


Been doing some testing and I found out that my iOS device can do 500mb, 10 iteration and 8 parallels without crashing. But login time is like 40 seconds on max time it takes. Now the next step is to find out a bearable time consumption that will allow me to login without driving me nuts on waiting when logging in.
Anything above 500mb it just crashes.

So I am thankful for your advice.

Edit: information for everyone this site can also help out with testing Argon2 in browser
So you might not need to log in to your vault all the time to test what your device can do.


Hi, glad I was able to provide useful info. I‘m currently using 512 MB at 5 iterations and 4 set for parallelism.
On an iPhone 13, I have to wait approx. 8 seconds (again, this only applies for web vault and first time login.)

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I’m curious why Bitwarden’s performance is so bad on iPhone. Is it not utilizing the native libraries?

For comparison, in my KeePassium database I’m using 512 MB, 28 iterations, 6 lanes and the database opens in 4 seconds on iPhone 13.

@Quexten could you provide some insight on this?

Hmm that is weird. On browser / desktop I know why it is slow, but in the iOS app it is using native libraries. Best I can imagine is that the compile flags for the native library are not optimal, but I do not have an iOS development setup for testing. How much worse is it with the same settings on the native iOS app on the same device?

If you are comparing to @tomtom’s post, that is because he is using the web vault, not the native app, which is expected to be much slower due to using single threaded non-simd optimised WebAssembly (for which I have a fix in the works :wink: ).


You’re right! My bad. I thought that @tomtom was referring to login on the app but obviously he was testing with web vault. I tested it myself with the same parameters and login on the app is blazing fast. :laughing:

Ok, so on all settings maxed out (1GiB, 10 Iterations, 16 parallelism) on an iPad Pro 2020 I get an unlock time of ~5 seconds in the native app. For comparison, on my laptop I get 1.6 seconds natively, 2.3 seconds with an experimental optimized WebAssembly branch in firefox, and 23 seconds on the current WebAssembly implementation in firefox.

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I was concerned about Agron2id performance on the older devices if you increase the settings beyond default.

So I did some testing on an IPhone 6, IPhone 8, as well as my Dell I7 XPS using Chrome Browser.

Agron2id 128 meg, 9 iterations, 8 Lanes

IPhone 6 and IPhone 8 : 2 seconds
Chrome Browser : 7-8 seconds

I was surprised that an ancient iPhone opens up faster than a modern laptop.

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