Unable to auto-fill the selected item

Hello folks,

Since I started using BitWarden desktop app and Firefox extension I had no issues till today. Particularly with Firefox extension and suddenly I started receiving message:

Unable to auto-fill the selected item on this page. Copy and paste information instead.


link: https://accounts.firefox.com

  • Show badge counter - enabled
  • No further messages or count numbers displayed on the icon of the extension from failed auto-fill

Is there any way to solve this issue? Thanks!

Same issue. Brave browser. Windows 11.

Same, Brave on MacOS.

same here, chrome and macos. already enabled and disabled the plugin but it doesnt help.

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Same here, Firefox.
Also the shortcut to fill UN and PW doesn’t work anymore.
Seems to be the latest update…

Also same here. Using Edge and Chrome. We’ve experienced this problem especially on LiveAgent and MailJet, but also other sites are affected. Up to recently autofill on these sites worked without problem.

BitWarden extension version


Firefox extension:
:link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bitwarden-password-manager/

Auto fill issues with version 2023.10.1. I’m using Firefox 119.0.1 and multiple web site forms are either unable to fill the form or some fields in the form are not filled in. Never had any issues filling the form with previous versions. I’m guessing Microsoft Edge has the same issues.

Yes, define a custom field that is linked to your Username, and set the custom field name to email.

To set up the required custom field, edit your vault item, scroll down to the “CUSTOM FIELDS” area, click the dropdown menu below where it says ⊕ New custom field to change the selected value from “Text” to “Linked”, and then click the icon to create a linked custom field. You should see a new custom field with a red ⊝ icon, a Name field, and a value that says “Password”. Click where it says Name, and when you see the blinking cursor at the start of the Name field, type email. Then click the dropdown menu below the name field, to change the selected value from “Password” to “Username”. Finally, click the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the browser extension.

Just received this from tech support:
Our engineers made some recent changes to auto-fill to improve form detection. There has been some unfortunate consequences that seems to have broken auto-fill integration on some forms. Note that this shouldn’t affect all login forms, only some pages are affected.
Our engineering team is currently working on a fix, and we expect to deliver this in an upcoming version release.
Please keep your eyes out for any updates to Bitwarden - I would expect to see these released very soon.


Please see this important comment from a developer on GitHub:

Please report specific URLs where auto-fill functionality has been broken by the recent release. Developers are currently working on a fix based on issues that they are aware of, but if other issues exist that they are not yet aware of, they will not be fixed. If developers are made aware of additional issues by getting information about specific URLs where auto-fill stopped working in the 2023.10 versions of the browser extension (but where it worked previously), then they can check whether there are any additional bugs that need to be corrected.


Sorry I don’t understand how can I send report from btwarden extension?
Here on this topic?

You can post on this topic, or better, post directly on the GitHub thread linked above.

I already did… I opened a topic and now I must check all 200 sites i.e.?
Well… this needs some time. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey everyone, Catt from the Integration Team here.
Do you all mind trying a fix where you pop open the extension > Settings > Sync > Sync vault now and see if that resolves the issue?
Let me know if it works, thank you!

Good, so now the developers are aware of the issue you were having on https://accounts.firefox.com, and have confirmed that this was caused by the known bug (which they are already working on).

But good news for you, Bitwarden just introduced a quick-fix. All you have to do is to sync your browser extension, and then it should work again (you may need to reload the login page as well, if you had an open login page in your browser). If you find any sites that still don’t work, please report them on the open GitHub issue a.s.a.p., or post about it here.

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@catt-tung I can confirm that this fixes the issue for all URLs that have been reported here to date (i.e., Firefox, Mayo Clinic, and Schwab).

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Sorry but on Firefox account page now I don’t have option using right-click from
bitWarden. The number displays of the logins on the extension, but still I cannot fill the fields automatically.

In the browser extension, go to Settings > Options and confirm that “Show context menu options” is checked.

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, please check whether you can auto-fill using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L, or by opening the browser extension and clicking on the displayed login item for firefox.com.

It is checked and also Ctrl+Shift+L doesn’t fix the issue.