Two factor webauthn not working on edge

I have a problem logging into the Edge (version 114.0.1823.79) bitwarden extension (version 2023.7.0) with my yubikey.

This worked the last time I logged in around a month or two ago.
But now I get the normal login procedure with the extra window opening for the 2factor login. I touch my key to authenticate and get the success message:


But I am still logged out of the Bitwarden extension, when I click it it wants me to login again.

Is there anything to troubleshoot this issue? I can use the desktop version fine (and login with the second factor)

There are known problems in Edge and FireFox with this newly released browser extension update (2023.7.0), which should hopefully be fixed soon. In the meantime, you can/should revert to version 2023.5.1, which you can still get from the Google Chrome store:

The iOS app, the Web Vault, the Chrome Store and the Edge extensions are all not working for me. I can type in my master password, but it gets stuck on the Authenticator window

It’s not just Edge, it’s everywhere.

I’ve attempted verifying 2FA on the downloaded client (Windows 10), and the login portal:

2FA is not working…

Please advise ASAP.

@asamson23 @VikingOfValhalla
I moved your comments into this thread, which seemed more relevant (since both of your issues are 2FA-related).

Personally, I am unable to reproduce (I can log in fine on the Web Vault, with and without 2FA — FIDO2 Webauthn, in my case), so this is evidently not a system-wide issue.

Are you getting an error message, or is the behavior as described by OP above? There was another recent thread about a 2FA problem, which was attributed to a Cloudflare issue, so perhaps this could be a culprit here as well.

Do contact support, if you have not already done so.

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It seems to have solved itself in the meantime, so it might be Cloudflare, as I’m back up and running on the affected devices.

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The same here, without changing anything it works now.

I note a new version (2023.7.1) of the edge extension today. Could be related.