Transferring to another vault without choosing a collection

I have migrated from lastpass and am now trying to organize all my data.
In lastpass you used shared folders to share with others, anything not in a shared folder, was only visible to you.
In BW its done with groups and collections, so I have to do this manually.

In BW Everything was imported into my personal vault and I need to move some items to the family vault, some to the organization vault.
But it won’t let me move stuff unless I choose a collection.
But some logins are only for me, not to be shared with anyone else, so I don’t need to put it into a collection, I just want it in the other vault, how can I do that?

Hey @Russ_Michaels if you imported items into your individual vault, you can just leave them there, only items moved into organizations/collections are shared.

In BW Everything was imported into my personal vault and I need to move some items to the family vault, some to the organization vault.

Are you saying that your individual account is connected to both a family organization and another organization?

yes, this is a requirement, its how BW works, you must have a personal account first before you can do anything else.

so your saying that the only reason to put anything into an organisation or family vault is for sharing it, no other reason?
If it sonly for my own use, I keep it in my personal vault?
I was hoping I could separate things with BW by putting them in different vaults, as it is a PITA having multiple logins for the same site/app show up all the time.

@Russ_Michaels that is correct, if you are not sharing it, just leave it in your individual vault. You can separate items within you individual vault by using folders. You an also control which items show up in your Bitwarden clients by modifying access control (you’ll still be able to see everything in the web vault), or you can set URI to never if you don’t want items to be available for autofill.

all folders do is label it, this doesn’t really help with autofill when you half a dozen or more logins showing for any site/app and its not always easy to tell which one is which, so you end up logging in with the wrong one.
I have 3 businesses, so I usually have a separate login for each, plus often logins for clients who I manage as well.
Then there are accounts on sub-domains or apps within folders of a domain, which can easily result in a dozen or more logins showing up for any base domain.

In lastpass I was using identities to separate things.

I have a separate chrome profile for personal and for each business.
And I would have lastpass logged in with the identity for that profile.
So then I only see the appropriate logins, rather than all of them.

Is there nothing similar I can do with Bitwarden?

Hey @Russ_Michaels it looks like you’re looking for this functionality Ability to create profiles that have limited access to selected accounts/passwords feel free to drop a vote and comment.