Transfer logins from personal account to another?

Hi, have personal account and account of our company. Need to transfer some logins from personal account to our company.
How can I do that? I found the only way is export vault, edit vault’s file and import edited file to another account.

Is there any other way?
For example, I will select items I want to transfer, then I click somewhere, input another email address associated to company’s account and migrate them?

You can do this in the Web Vault:

  1. Check the checkboxes for the items that you want to move.
  2. Click the kebab menu icon to the right of the column headers.
  3. Click “Move selected to organization” and follow the prompts.

Thank you but it shows me.I’m not in any organization. It offers me to create new one.

My second account is for organization associated with another login email.

I based my recommendation on the following statement in your original post:

I assumed that the company had an Organization vault, and that your personal account was a member of that organization.

OK, so you have two individual accounts, and one of those individual accounts is a member of your company’s Bitwarden organization?

Do you want to share the items with the organization vault, or only with your individual vault for the account that is a member of the company organization?

No no. My personal account is for email [email protected].
My work accoun is [email protected]

So yes, I have 2 individual accounts. Don’t want to share anything.

But transferring login information is functionally equivalent to sharing, because if you update the item in one of the vaults, now it is necessary for the item to also be updated in the other vault.

Do I understand correctly that if I update one the other will automatically be updated? In other words they will be synced?

No, this will only happen automatically if it is in fact a single item that is shared (by being stored in the vault of an Organization that both individual accounts are members of).

My comment above was in response to OP’s statement that they “don’t want to share anything”. My contention is that they do want to share the item.

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