Configuring Bitwarden from the beginning

In addition, to prevent confusion caused by some websites that can sometimes create difficulties for Bitwarden’s auto-fill function, let’s do the following to set up a test login for a simple login form that should not cause difficulties.

In the Web Vault, click the blue New :arrow_down_small: button, and select New > Item, then fill in the five pieces of information shown below, and click Save:

Note that the value for the URI 1 field should be the following (which you may want to copy from here and paste into the New Item form in the Web Vault):

After you have saved this item, you can log out of the Web Vault. Now unlock the Bitwarden browser extension, either by clicking the Bitwarden icon at the top of your browser, or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Y. Verify your identity to unlock the extension.

Finally, navigate your browser to the following link:

Check the following:

  1. Do you see a number in your Bitwarden browser extension icon?
  2. Does pressing Ctrl+Shift+L autofill the username and password into the form? (No need to submit the form, by the way.)
  3. After reloading the test login form by pressing F5, what happens if you use the Auto-fill and Save option in Bitwarden’s browser extension (after opening the “BWTEST” item to view its details)?

Yes, I’ve saved a number of downloaded files, so I have cumbersome access to pretty well all my passwords. I’m considering hauling out my travel laptop to see if I can clear it off and get to a clean slate. But I’m going to stay at this for a while.

I seem to have two accounts on this site, by the way, one of which I can’t reach to reply to. I received two messages just now on both of them, and neither of them seems to be displayed on this thread.

I’m going to try your latest strategy in a bit, but I’d like to clarify something first. What’s the difference between the Web Vault and whatever I access via the Bitwarden browser extension? It seems I can log into the Web Vault while the browser extension is locked. The two are separate, and somehow synced?

I’m about to be interrupted so it’s going to be a while before I get back to trying the new strategy.

If you’ve received message notifications, it is possible that they are private messages from the admins (perhaps about my request to increase your forum trust level). At the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu in the forum, there is a link to your message inbox.

Yes, all of the Bitwarden apps (Web Vault, browser extension, Desktop app, mobile apps) are separate and work independently from the others, but they are synced so that the vault contents are identical.

I don’t see a “New” button on my Bitwarden Web vault. When I log into (unlock?) it I go directly to Search vault and a list of all the entries. It may be meaningful that one (only one) of the items has a bitwarden icon to the left of it: all the rest have what looks like an outline globe. And that one is one of the ones I was trying to auto-fill from the extension (can’t remember whether I succeeded).

You might need to post a screen shot to show what you’re looking at.

I recently posted a screen shot from the Web Vault in another thread on the forum. Ignore all the orange circles; you should see the “New” button just above the orange number 2 in the screen shot that I posted here:

I started to post a screenshot and realized I didn’t know how to cut my email address out of it. Then I did. Here’s what I’m seeing.

Must be doing something wrong . . .


[Note: Screen shot was edited by mods to remove personally identifying information.]

When I just now logged into the Chrome extension, I got the screen with the blue “New” on it. Now that it’s no longer locked, though I go directly to the vault. I’m guessing that If I log out of the Web iteration when I log back in it will show me the “New”?


just because I saw it - don’t want to disturb this thread: you should replace the screenshot. Some e-mail-addresses of yours are visible, just in every visible entry.

The other thing is: this screenshot doesn’t show your web vault, but the desktop app if I see correctly. The “web vault” is: you go in your browser to the webpage (or dependend on your chosen region: and login there.

Hm. I don’t think you’re disturbing the thread. I don’t see my email address in the screenshot I just posted, and I thought grb had deleted it in previous postings.

But thank you, you’re right about the web vault – I had thought that using the desktop icon was taking me to the web vault, but when I used the link I got to the main page with the blue “New” on it. So now I’m going to try to follow grb’s suggestions above.

I replaced your screenshot to redact all of the email addresses.

@Russ08 We have to get the terminology straight, or we’re just going to be running in circles. The following are three different ways of accessing your Bitwarden vault data:

  • Web Vault: You access this by opening Chrome, and putting in the address bar at the top of the browser window.

  • Browser Extension: You access this by opening Chrome, and clicking on the small shield icon next to the puzzle-piece icon, to the right side of the address bar at the top of the browser window. Note: If you don’t see the Bitwarden shield icon to the right of the address bar, then click on the puzzle-piece icon (:jigsaw:) to the right of the address bar, and then click the push-pin icon (:pushpin:) next to the listing of the Bitwarden browser extension.

  • Desktop App: You access this by double-clicking the Bitwarden shield icon on your Windows desktop, or by opening the Windows Start Menu and clicking “Bitwarden” in the list of apps.

Ah, okay, then sorry about the screenshot comment - maybe I forgot to click “refresh”, so I saw the initial screenshot. Now I don’t see the email addresses as well. :+1:

Thanks for looking out for OP. I just edited Russ’s post to delete the screenshot with the email addresses visible, and replace it with a copy of the screenshot image in which I had redacted the personal information.

Do you see a number in your Bitwarden browser extension icon?


Does pressing Ctrl+Shift+L
autofill the username and password into the form? (No need to submit the form, by the way.)

The username and password are already filled in.

After reloading the test login form by pressing F5, what happens if you use the Auto-fill and Save option in Bitwarden’s browser extension (after opening the “BWTEST” item to view its details)?

I got a confirmation it had been auto-filled and saved.

I hope this is good news . . .

Thank you. That explanation of the three different approaches makes a whole lot clearer. I hope that it’s clear enough . . .

For trouble-shooting purposes (and for security reasons), please go to Settings > Auto-fill in your browser extension, and disable the “Auto-fill on page load” option.

Will come back to this thread when I have time.

In the meantime, after making the change above, please document what works and what doesn’t work.

I’ll keep a log. Post again when I think I’ve got an issue or a question I need help with – and think I might be able to get it.

Sounds good. Please note that if you followed my advice to disable the “Auto-fill on Page Load” option in the Browser Extension settings (and if you have “pinned” the browser extension in Chrome, so that its icon is always visible), then the following is the expected behavior if everything is working:

  1. Ensure that the Bitwarden Browser Extension is unlocked (the Bitwarden shield icon shown to the right of the address bar at the top of the Chrome browser should be colored blue-and-white, and there should be no padlock symbol :lock: in the the corner of the shield icon).
  2. Use Chrome to navigate to a login page that exists in your Bitwarden vault.
  3. Nothing will happen on the login form itself, but you should see a number (1 or higher) in the corner of the Bitwarden Browser Extension icon (to the right of the address bar at the top of the Chrome browser).
  4. Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L.
  5. The username and password should now be transferred into the login form on the web page in the active tab of the browser.
  6. Submit the form.

I’ve created a longish log of my attempt to assess where we are, and didn’t notice that you’d posted this. So I’ll respond first by saying that when I do this no number appears on Bitwarden icon, and nothing happens when I press ctrl-shift-l.

Here’s the log I mentioned. Way long, sorry, but I can’t see how to shorten it much.

It’s still the case that when I visit a site for which I need a password nothing happens, and when I click the Bitwarden Icon I get the message “there are no logins available to auto-fill for the current browser tab. / Add a login.” When I click that I get a form to fill out as though the site didn’t exist in Bitwarden.

So I open the bitwarden vault, where the site is listed. There the “username” is listed as what the site wants for a logon id; the Add item menu, however has the URL under “Name.” I didn’t think to try to click “autofill and save”; I’ll try that next time. This time, I went and clicked after filling in and saving the form. Nothing, however, happened after I clicked.

I ended and went back to the site. Still empty, but now when I go back to the Bitwarden extension it shows up as the site were listed. but when I click view and get the menu which lists the data and has the list of “Auto-fill,” “Auto-fill and save,” “Clone item,” and “Move to organization,” and click “Auto-fill and save” nothing happns on the login page, but the Bitwarden menu says, “Item filled and URI saved.” but it hasn’t filled out anything on the login page.

However, there are now two listings for that item in the vault, one of which has an icon for the site at the left, and displays what it wants as a user id (in this case, it’s a credit card account, and what it wants as a user id is the card number).

So I reload the site. This time, automagically, the logon id and password are filled in, and the logon proceeds successfully (to a two-factor id process whereby it sends a code to my phone).

So I go back to the vault, where there are two listings for the same account, one with a working log, the other with only a sketch of a globe. When I right-click them, thinking to delete the old one, I get a menu with “inspect” as an option. Clicking that, the new one does not respond, but the old one, with the globe icon, says “span.truncate” and a number, with an arrow which seems to point down to the URL.

I delete that one, and just to be sure, reboot the computer.

I go back to the original site, which I have bookmarked. it pops up as usual, and then, without my doing anything, the bitwarden vault pops up, with its list of sites and the relevant item near the top of the screen. I click it and it displays the name, username, password (blocked) and website URL.

I guess that’s more convenient than keeping the passwords in a separate file in a protected site, but it isn’t what I expected.

I’ve tried a similar process with another site, but the bitwarden vault did not pop up. When I manually opened it the only way I could use it was to manually copy and paste the logon and password into the site. I deleted the site from the vault and went back to it thinking that, as LastPass would have, it would prompt me to add it. No such luck. If I clicked on the option to add the site, I could go to my recorded information and copy and paste it in. Having done that, though, and going back to the site, it was exactly as before: to get the information I had to manually open the vault and copy and paste. Opening the vault to see whether the entry had acquired an icon other than the globe sketch, I discovered that in fact the entry was not there. Perhaps I missed a step, but it should not be this laborious to add a site – especially when adding it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I have to say I’m disheartened to discover that really I’m in no different a situation than I was when we started. I do know quite a lot more than I did, but I cannot see that we’re any closer to solving the problem.