Touch ID support for macOS



Do you know how you’d migrate from iCloud? Can you export your pws from the keychain?


I’ve seen an Apple script to do it for you but I do it manually. iCloud keychain contains tons of old/unusable records anyway.


thanks, i’ve just been relogging into sites with keychain and saving the passwords to bitwarden when they ask. Just need to get them across to a PC, but this way will do for now. Thanks.


I’m waiting for TouchID support also, lets hope it comes soon.


Would make my world a little more perfect.


Yes! I just switched to bitwarden. It’s great having TouchID on iOS - so please bring it to macOS as well!


This is the one thing I like more about LastPass’ Mac app.


Taking realy long to adopt touch id, staying with 1Password because cheap price means slow adoption.


this would be a super useful feature. having to enter a pw all the time is very time consuming.


This is my #1 thing I would like to see added it would save so much time