✅ Touch ID support for macOS

Thats currently keeping me from switching to Bitwarden. I’d like to have Touch ID support for macOS devices, e.g. the current line of Macbook Pros.

Where is Touch ID present ? On the desktop app or also the browser extension ? If so, only on Safari or other browsers too ?
What software do you currently use that has this implemented ? :slight_smile:

I’m currently using 1Password. It has Touch ID support on OSX desktop app, and with all browser extensions too (I’m using Safari and Chrome).


Thanks !
Is TouchID used only when logging in after opening the app/extension for the first time or every time a confidential info needs to be accessed ?

There is a setting the defines the timeout the master password is mandatory again. One can set it to 1h/1d/2d/1w/2w. Besides that there are some events that can be checked to make the password mandatory again, eg. after waking up from suspend, after screen saver or after lock screen or after inactivity of the user (e.g. 5 Minutes inactivity).

All these settings are made at the desktop app, not within the browser extensions, although the settings also impact the behavior of the browser plugins. So I guess the desktop app and the browser plugins communicate somehow.


Just to add to this. TouchID on macOS is also keeping me on 1password.

My preference would be to require it (or at least to have the option) every time a secret is accessed. TouchID is quite frictionless and the added security would place BitWarden slightly ahead of 1p in that regard.


Totally required!

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Would love Touch ID support on Mac as well! Switched from 1Password, but am missing that feature.

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Must have thing.

Also must-have, not moving from 1Password until this is implemented on both Mac and iOS.

TouchID is already implemented on iOS.

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When is it coming on macOS?

Just want to increase the visibility of this request. The developer acted really fast on implement new features from iOS 12. Wondering why it took more than a year to implement TouchID on macOS.

Switched to Bitwarden recently and it’s great. Would also like to chime in to say TouchID on MacOS would be a game-changer. Thanks for all your hard work.

Agreed. TouchID implementation in MacOS would help in the adoption of Bitwarden over its alternatives.

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This feature is a must on macOS.

Yess that would be victory. Any news on this?

I would move from 1Password to Bitwarden Premium if this feature is implemented.

I’ve been using LastPass for a couple of years now. The TouchID and FaceID support has become second nature on my MacBook, my iPad, and my iPhone. We use it extensively and find that it makes us more likely to use longer, more complex, and more secure passwords.

So TouchID support is a must before we can fully embrace implementing Bitwarden.


I’m guessing that ios has fast integration because someone in the developer’s life uses an ios device ;p