Touch ID support for macOS



Yes, need this before I can move to Bitwarden.


Just got a Mac w/ Touch ID, and now I will kill for this.


Yes, please! This seems essential for a password manager. With even the free Enpass tool having it by now, I’m surprised it’s missing here.


Life is short. So there is no need to waste you time on inputting master password after you’ve got a Touch ID. Isn’t saving life one of those key features why we use password manager? Please…help us… T_T


Yes, please! This is the only feature that is keeping me away from buying bitwarden. TouchId was such a life changer in 1Password…


Just switched from 1Password - and this is actually the ONE thing that is really missing in bitwarden! The TouchID saves so much time :timer_clock:! PLEASE implement that:pleading_face:!


As Bitwarden is open source, I checked if this was something that can be easily done. Unfortunately, because the desktop app is based on Electron, there would need to be some Electron support for this. There seems to be some initial steps at integrating Electron apps with the system touch ID, but it’s really not that far along. It would be a great feature to have, but it might need a native macOS app to do this.


Absolutely needed, when you have the master password set as a random long string of characters it’s, well, not very useable.

Master password should only really be needed if there’s an auth lockout if Touch ID is available.


I’m half tempted to implement touchid in electron myself…


I think developer can not handle feature requests from users. He should hire more developers and deliver these most requested features fast.


It’s not about more developers.

Bitwarden relies on electron ( In its current form, electron doesn’t seem to support TouchID, which makes it really hard for developers that use electron to use it in their electron-based apps.

Furthermore, BW is an open source project and your contribution is welcome if you feel this could be improved.



I understand why this is not yet supportable, however.



Support seems to be coming in Electron!

Please implement this in Bitwarden as soon as support in Electron is ready!