✅ Touch ID support for macOS

Also in for TouchID support in BW please! Would make purchasing premium enticing.

:pray: i need it

Attached my finding about Electron 5. The feature won’t be in 5 but scheduled to Electron 6 even it’s in mater branch now. https://github.com/electron/electron/pull/16707#issuecomment-506392471

I just need this to delete 1password :slight_smile:
Is there any plan for it?

+1 for me as well. Although it doesn’t keep me from using Bitwarden it would be a much appreciated feature.

Just switched to Bitwarden and I’m a bit sad this doesn’t exist yet. :cry:

+1 for this feature, just moved away from 1Password and this would most defintely make my life easier… I guess since BitWarden on Mac seems to be a web-app, and not a 100% cocoa native app like 1 Password it aint’ so easy…

Also I would like to say that moving away from 1Password to BitWarden was a Breeze, except for folders on 1Password that weren’t exported. I actually LOVE the black interface, and some things actually work better! site icons for example were all messed up or missing. Not on BitWarden :slight_smile:
I do miss the ability to synch offline, just a wi-fi synch between my Mac and my iPhone…
And as for clients, I will recommend this soft but some people are very paranoid about uploading sensisitive info to the cloud, regardless of the security architecture implemented

+1 for Touch ID support, which is reportedly incorporated into Electron 6, scheduled for “stable” release in 9 days, on July 30, 2019.

Fingers crossed (and ready for Touch ID) :smile:

This would be a hugely valued feature — easily the most important missing one from my perspective.

This should be possible in the future. Electron 6 will support touch id APIs as seen in their docs: https://github.com/electron/electron/blob/v6.0.0-beta.15/docs/api/system-preferences.md#systempreferencesprompttouchidreason-macos


Electron group has released v6.0 stable https://github.com/electron/electron/releases/tag/v6.0.0. Is it possible to support touch id in next month?

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Been testing Bitwarden for a while and I’m determined to switch from iCloud Keychain when touch ID gets implemented. I’d also buy the premium account because the notification about hacked passwords for $10/year is a no brainer.

Do you know how you’d migrate from iCloud? Can you export your pws from the keychain?

I’ve seen an Apple script to do it for you but I do it manually. iCloud keychain contains tons of old/unusable records anyway.

thanks, i’ve just been relogging into sites with keychain and saving the passwords to bitwarden when they ask. Just need to get them across to a PC, but this way will do for now. Thanks.

I’m waiting for TouchID support also, lets hope it comes soon.


Would make my world a little more perfect.

Yes! I just switched to bitwarden. It’s great having TouchID on iOS - so please bring it to macOS as well!


This is the one thing I like more about LastPass’ Mac app.