Touch ID support for macOS


I understand why this is not yet supportable, however.


Support seems to be coming in Electron!

Please implement this in Bitwarden as soon as support in Electron is ready!


Support seems to be here now in electron!

Considering the API still doesn’t support secure enclave this probably shouldn’t be used to unlock the DB initially.
I did recently see some commits in the desktop repo recently that seems to indicate that soft pin unlock is supported now. Maybe touch id support in electron is usable in a similar way?


Holding me back too. Though I am trialing and I will see how I get on.

Good to hear it might be coming soon now Electron supports it.

Adding my support for Touch ID in the macOS app and in the macOS plugins for Firefox and Chrome.

Just to echo what I posted elsewhere:

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I also want touchid / linux fingerprint / win hello support, without I’ll stay with 1password. But I also paid for Bitwarden, even I’m not using it right now, to support developers. I would recommend this to all of you who want this feauture, $10 per year is nothing.

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Suggestion to mitigate this: use a diceware passphrase for your master password. Longer, but much easier to remember. Also easier to type. Doesn’t directly address the request, but at least makes the present situation less painful.

the related PR was merged in the v5 master branch and v5 release version of electron seems palnned on Tue, 2019-Apr-23

+1 this is a very important feature

Definitely needed.

Just chiming in to say that this would be a huge feature.

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+1 on this, would be a big factor in migrating to Bitwarden for me

Same here. i do support Bitwarden by paying premium for over 3 years now and would love to switch. Touch ID on Mac and Windows Hello keeps me from it because its hideous to type in 36+ characters master password everytime I want to use it ^^

Just moved over to Bitwarden from 1Password and Touch ID support made 1Password very useful. Would love to have this feature here on Bitwarden. It would make the user experience so much better for users that use Touch ID. Thanks!

Yes, this does look promising. It definitely would make sense to make use of this biometric API as a pin replacement, and not a master password replacement.

Also in for TouchID support in BW please! Would make purchasing premium enticing.

:pray: i need it

Attached my finding about Electron 5. The feature won’t be in 5 but scheduled to Electron 6 even it’s in mater branch now.

I just need this to delete 1password :slight_smile:
Is there any plan for it?