Toggle Autofill ON/OFF

Is there a quick way to toggle “disable/enable Autofill”?

Some websites *) are filled wrong, so I need to stop the automatic Autofill and reload the site to have default content.

*) e.g. change account password sites

Hello @Saftwerk, and welcome to the community.

On your client under SettingsOptionsAutofill > Auto-fill on page load :black_square_button:

Also if you are having an issue with auto-fill and certain fields being incorrectly filled you may want to look into both

Yes, I knew that checkbox (it needs a lot clicks to access),
but I did not find the mentioned option (orange box) for each single login.

Hi @Saftwerk,

In the settings screen you can set the default. On any login item you can go and set of you’d like to enable/disable auto-fill on page load.

Here’s a link to the documentation

Greetings from Germany,

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This is the relevant screenshot from the Help documentation page that Daniel had linked above:

On the right side of the above image, it shows where the individual vault item’s behavior can be customized.

I also agree with the advice provided by Kent — instead of disabling Autofill for the problematic websites, a lot of times the problem can be solved by defining custom fields. Users on the Community Forum can often help, if there is a specific webpage that you need to configure.

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You are my hero - that’s what I’m looking for!
Thank you all.

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