The new color scheme is ugly

The new color scheme is ugly and irritating to the glasses. I still like the previous colors

+1. The new blue is very crude and looks more like a default colour for Bootstrap than something that was chosen intentionally.


I like it! :man_shrugging:t2:


I honestly thought my browser had been hacked. I really really REALLY prefer the lighter blue. The new colour does indeed look like a default colour that needs changing.

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Agreed - UGLY - Please revert back to the old colour scheme.

I think the new blue looks great. Much more crisp & bold. Great job team!


No. Its too brash. The previous colour was a lot easier on the eyes and portrayed a feeling of confidence. To me, the colour itself has become synonymous with the Bitwarden name and something I know I can trust.


Could it maybe just be another option in the themes?

I typically switch mine to the Dark theme immediately. I wish there was a way Bitwarden could remember my preferred client setting as part of my profile data.


+1 for ugly. Please either restore the old color scheme or make it an option. I definitely prefer the muted blue. The new blue (to put it as politely as I can) makes my eyes bleed!

Update: After sleeping on it, I still hate the new color scheme, but I can state my opinion in a slightly more diplomatic manner:

“BSOD blue” is not a good look for such well-written software! :slight_smile:

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Can I have old LightBlue as a theme? Or is there any way to create own there for browser extension?

Actually, I really like the new blue. But to be hones: I don’t really care about it. It could be pink, or purple, or cyan.

As there might be some diversity in preferences, I guess it would be a neat option to simply have both as a theme option such as Light and Light (Legacy).


Kinda same. Especially when i saw that password manager option from context menu is gone, i really thought that something fishy is going on.
The color change doesn’t bother me at all, though i would prefer more pastel version too, but the new one definitely is not ugly.

I really dont like new color - its very bright and my eyes hurt. I like your passion and desire to make this app greater, but please dont forget that everyone is different and not everyone can like same style. Please make new (or old) style and option so we can choose which color theme to use

While your post was posted a bit earlier, most of the conversation is in this post:

I recommend using that one in the future.

I made an account just to vote this, the blue is incredibly harsh on the eyes


I immediately thought this was a mistake, as it looked like a default color someone missed to change.

This is arguable a thing of taste, but not that it doesn’t match dark themes. Now i have to search for it each time in my plugin list as it just as it blends in with grey colors, which wasn’t a thing before.

Please change back to old color.

What, the color changed? It was so subtle, I hardly noticed.

Holy cow a lot of you are drama queens. Yeesh.


Let me guess, your display is not calibrated or just bad?
Nobody says, the software is no longer usable. Calm down.

This was definitely not subtle, the old color was soft and iconic, this one is very harsh and feels like a default blue, even just around the forums the greys have lost contrast making the whole UI an eye sore