Temporary Master Password

When I chose to start using a password manager, after years of apprehension in doing so, I started with LastPass since it ranked pretty high in my research. Fast-forward to the point where I ditched it 100% in favor of open-source Bitwarden and its smoother, richer features.

The only thing that would be nice to have of all the LP abilities BW doesn’t have (yet) is the ability to issue a one-time temporary master password. I did search the community if this was requested and it was back on post Ability to create temporary passwords. It seems to have fizzled out due to the 2fa recommendation. I agree 2fa should be in place but I disagree that is the answer to the purpose of the request. Some unscrupulous person would have my master password period. They’d only need to get my phone or login to Ally (I don’t use it, just an example) and then they have my BW account at their disposal.

By having the temporary password I could login at a cafe, library, or wherever it may be (including 2fa) and not have to worry because the moment I’m done the temp password is useless.



Please accept this in the helpful way I am presenting this. If you are worried about someone gaining your password while at a coffee shop or similar, you have larger problems than BW’s password. Reasonable OPSec would preclude such an event via VPN leaving the open wifi closed (on your machines) to everyone but you. Of course U2F with BW would leave a hacker in the dark anyway.

If you are not using a vpn or U2F then you always have the option of taking a few seconds and simply changing the master password immediately when you leave the open wifi. Lots of work though when elimination of snoops is so easy and its 24/7 no matter where you browse.

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Thanks for the reply. I agree completely with your response. I don’t fear that situation since I’m smart about my tech amd browsing, nor do I use a coffee shop as my analogy states. It was just a really insightful feature from LP I thought would be good here.

Thanks again.