Support keyboard navigation

I have a feature request that I think would be really nice to have added. Coming from 1Password I am used to navigating the browser plugin through the keyboard. It would be really nice to be able to click on the bitwarden icon in my browser, start typing a name in the search and then be able to arrow down to the password/site I want, then hit enter to auto open and fill. For those of us who spent a lot of time on the command line this just makes sense.

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I wanted the same feature, so a while ago I implemented this and created a PR for it ([PM-3363] Implement keyboard arrow navigation for the browser extension & other hotkeys by quexten · Pull Request #5995 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub).

There used to also be Keyboard up/down arrow navigation by respawned86 · Pull Request #1962 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub which ultimately got rejected due to implementation issues and inactivity.

That’s great. I really hope they merge your pull request.
Thanks for doing that I think a lot of people are going to find it useful.