Storing my bitwarden passwords in a .csv file

I wanted to keep a copy of all my passwords in the cloud. I have been using Mega for a few years with no issues. Being a home user and learning about encryption, is it “safe” to import my passwords to my computer then upload them to my Mega account Is this “safe”

I have 2 fa on my mega account and a long password of various letters, numbers & symbols. I never to date had any issue with Mega no one ever so far has gotten into my account. BUT is this safe to do?
I was also thinking of also keeping a copy in my Dropbox account, I have 2 fa on drop box as well and never an issue. Is there a way to encrypt the folder that I put the .csv files in so in the event someone managed to get past my 2fa and crack my password that they would need another password to access the folders with my .csv files in?? Or is this not necessary.
Also, NO ONE has access to my laptop which is a Chromebook
( Acer 513 spin) I never take it out of the house. So would it be ok to leave the .csv files in my download’s folder? Unless someone steals my laptop I would think my .csv files are safe? I tried to find a folder encrypt for Chromebook but so far have not found anything via the “extensions” so for now I have my .csv file in my mega account at this time. Also, I use Authy for 2fa protection.

it has to be "unlocked " every time I close the lid or shut it off

Unless someone steals my Chromebook I would think even the .csv files would be safe in my Chromebook because they are only on my local machine right??

I am impressed with Mega as a cloud storage below is some info on Mega.

All files stored on MEGA are encrypted by your computer / phone / device. All data transfers from and to MEGA are also encrypted . Although most cloud storage providers claim encryption in transit and at rest, MEGA is much more secure MEGA uses above-average security measures to protect your data. All the data which is stored on MEGA is encrypted end to end. Once the data is on the receiving device it is decrypted only then. Your data is stored in an encrypted format at all the time on MEGA and it never has access to your decrypted data

Nope. IF someone gains access to your computer via the Internet, they will be able to copy that file right out of your download directory. It could either be a malware or Phishing attack. All you need is one wrong click…

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Another quick observation. I would consider getting a safety deposit box and store both the printout of the .csv file and the file on a flash drive. That storage will be offsite, secure from many physical disasters that can effect your home. Having both a paper printout and the file will be an added layer of protection in case of an EMF disaster. (Every good data protection plan includes off-site storage for those natural disasters like floods, fire, burglary, etc.)

I managed to find this on the Google Chrome extension

does anything know about how trustworthy they are ?

I don’t know who they are and how trustworthy they are especially with passwords

the research I’ve done it seems like they’re owned by they seem to have a good reputation. Before I use them I was hopeful somebody knows who they are and have used them with good results.

Here is the statistics of the company that makes that file encrypter in case anybody wants to know>> loora | Chrome extension stats

Personally I would see it as a downgrade in security to use that sort of unknown browser extension after having them all secured in Bitwarden. Wouldn’t it be better to just keep an offline encrypted copy as a backup as use Bitwarden for the online stuff?

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I also uploaded my passwords online, but I don’t use a plain CSV. I use KeepassXC, export the passwords in an encrypted database (KDBX file) and then upload the KDBX online.

If you are from Bitwarden, you can export from BW to Keepass by following this guide:

I still use BW, but in case I cannot login into my BW account, at least I have some kind of backup.