Help for backup valult

How do you backup your vault?

If to make a backup, I export the vault data to a csv file, then this csv file that contains all my passwords, do I have to save it for security on the cloud (for example, on google drive) and delete it from my pc?


Backup as CSV file, and then use zip in it encrypted and then store it in a google drive account. Don’t forget the password. For extra security, store it in a USB drive that you then physically disconnect and put into a physically safe place. Make sure you delete it from the drive. As a test, you can import it to another password manager.

The reason to use CSV rather than encrypted JSON is for portability. Let’s say Bitwarden is taken over by Evil Inc or something, you can pack up your vault data and go somewhere else.

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Very interesting … but if, for example, the Bitwarden data centers burn down, I can always use the copy of the vault locally: right?

I wish a long life for Bitwarden! :wink:

Thanks for the quick response!

It is extremely unlikely that would happen. Bitwarden lives in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, unfortunately in the USA but one can’t have everything. The chances of all that burning down are as near zero as makes no difference. If that does happen then I would turn to the alternate backup password manager which I have on my network, if that doesn’t work then I have backup copies of the credentials stored (very securely) in several places.

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I was inspired by the following news … but fortunately they are not BW sever … :wink:


Honestly, at the very least have your email password and email 2FA written down somewhere safe with your Bitwarden master password.

If the worst comes to worst you can just reset everything by email.

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I wasn’t aware of that.

Container farms strike me as not being the place for important data centres. Several underground former military command centres have been turned into data centres here (and no-doubt elsewhere too). That would inspire more confidence as far as I am concerned.

Never been to Strasbourg, I have always been always been further north. Must make time to go these some time and take the time to visit Southern Germany.

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The cloud is supposed to prevent stuff like that from happening. So if one of the center goes down, there should be some sort of secondary cloud.However, this is not foolproof, there were a few Azure incident years ago.

If I remember correct, Bitwarden will work offline if the vault is still up, but readonly. Actually the chief reason to backup your vault is if you set the master password to something you can remember and you need to recover.

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If I understand the backup of my vault, would it be useful mainly in case I forget the master password?


There are different backups of the vault available. These have different uses.

More types of backup are coming I gather, which will answer the criticisms of the current options.


Yes, the backup is in case your vault gets corrupted for unknown reasons or that you somehow mess up your master password that you can’t log back in or in case Bitwarden suddenly shuts down without notice. Keep in mind that other than messing up your master password, these would be pretty improbable. However, in my opinion, the backup should allow you to go to another password manager if you need to.

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