SSO account tracking

Every time I (am forced to) register using SSO instead of a password I inevitably forget if I used Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon or some other service and which of my accounts on that service I used. I try logging in using the wrong service (or the right service but the wrong account), and, if I’m lucky, the site tells me account was not found. I then have to try again and again logging in and out of Apple, Google, Facebook and hope I won’t get banned in the process. But some sites are worse. Some sites will create a new account if an existing one is not found, and now I have two (or more) accounts without knowing.

I’m tired of juggling my SSO accounts. It’s a total mess no matter how you put it, and I’m surprised Bitwarden haven’t released a feature to help with this. 1Password did, and that was over a year ago.

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