Sort items by date of modification, addition, last use, etc

Hi @tonyt - there is some great work going on here with respect to this request :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to share some progress on this since I know a lot of you want this feature.



Add me to the list of people that really want this. And make sure it includes sorting by the date last used - I want to see which logins haven’t been used in a long time.

I am glad I found this request. I would like to add to this:

Sorting by NAME of the entry. Right now the searched results are mixed up by last used or most used order. I would like to be able to sort the results the same way as Lastpass. If I have several Google logins, where I call them A1 Google, A2 Google, B1 Google and B2 Google, then searching for Google should return the results in this order, and not in mixed up order which is by the last date used or most used, whichever applies in bitwarden.

I posted about it in detail also here:


I’d really love to see this feature. The “last modified” category would be particularly helpful.

Would it be possible to include “last use” and “last modified”?
Because I have now over 700 accounts and I am pretty sure some companys doesn’t even exist anymore. It would help me a lot if Bitwarden shows me that I havn’t use an entry for 1 or 2 years. So I know that this entry is old.
Thanks for implementing this. :slight_smile:


To add to this feature request:

Can we set the default sort to be by last used, or most used? Or a combination of the 2.

Last used: if I have a todo inbox on my desk, the item I put in there last is the most likely item I will use next

Most used: I might use a bunch of random websites occasionally, but I will still come back to the most used items.


This is really odd as I thought this was already a feature in the browser extension.

Usually, my last used logins would show up at the top, but since the recent update (Chrome Extension) it doesn’t seem to be doing that and I can’t find the option.
I have about 80 email logins so I’ve definitely noticed a change trying to get into my mail.

I just needed this feature and I’m sad it doesn’t exist.

Agreed +1 specifically for recent changes…

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Agree +1 . …also in special: the “Created” column in the admin panel/page . To see faster the last registered/created users… (that we have to put/invite in our “organisation”…) …

just made an account to express my frustration at finding a 4 year old thread of people being frustrated by this. Please :frowning: +1

why? until from 2018 to 2022 ,no Sort items by date?
app and website

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Still waiting :sweat_smile:

Feature name

  • Smart password filter, Bitwarden with minimal calendar

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    It would be interesting to filter passwords by time, if you have a lot of passwords it would be difficult to know which passwords are newer and which passwords are old.
  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    For example, if you use Bitwarden as a password manager to access your social networks, it would be interesting to know which social networks you access most often to make it easier to find the password on that specific social network.

Related topics + references

  • There is nothing so unique and valuable, this idea can be amazing to help many users
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Fyi, here is a PowerShell option for reviewing recently modified passwords:

bw list items | 
ConvertFrom-Json | 
Select-Object -Property Name, RevisionDate | 
Sort-Object -Property RevisionDate -Descending | 
Select-Object -First 10


Add option to sort passwords by time added or by something else… So i can actually see what was the oldest thing i added into my password manager and what is the newest… When i go to “My Vault” and Login or anything else… or when i search something and if multiple things show up then give option to select from newest to oldest and opposite… from a-z etc… And also option to go back to “default” or “normal” sorting. This should be added ASAP, i can’t believe how is this not thing yet… This is ruining my productivity by a lot. There is/are 0 reasons not to add something like this… It’s quality of life update imo.
If someone doesn’t agree with me please write detailed explanation and examples why. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Glass47, you should be able to do this by using the Bitwarden CLI along with a tool called jq with the following command:

bw list items | jq ‘. |= sort_by(.revisionDate)’

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Does anyone know for sure if this on the horizon?? I DO hope so soon.