[Solved] Self-Hosted not updating with .bitwarden.sh updateself and bitwarden.sh update

Hi together,

i installed Bitwarden on my own Self-Hosted Server first week of Feb. 2021 with bitwarden.sh / Docker Container.

Bitwarden Server was updated 2 days ago on github to 1.40 and Bitwarden Web was updated 17 days ago to Version 2.18.2 and also 2 days before to version 2.19.0 on github.

I use the commands like in the manual :
./bitwarden.sh updateself
./bitwarden.sh update

it doesn’t matter if i made a bitwarden.sh stop before or not.

it is pulling some things again but bitwarden web version is still 2.18.1 (from 25th Jan) and Bitwarden Server is also still on 1.39.4.

All connections going out are possible but bitwarden is not updating and telling me it is newest version.

What can i do to update? I don’t want to reinstall everything.

Found the Error. It is in the Github Script

The Versions have to be changed from 1.39.4 and 2.18.1 to the newest versions.

2.18.2 was never included there.

We update those scripts a few days after the cloud deployment to make sure everything is good-to-go :+1:

Because it not happened for web 2.18.2 for like 17 days and I installed new with web 2.18.1 and also with the new versions nothing changed, I thought that something is broken. After I checked the sh script I figured out that the version numbers are inside the script.

Now I know it that it will be changed some times after and 2.18.2 maybe was forgotten or the little bug fix was not added.

Thanks for this cool application, now I don’t have to use keepassx anymore.

2.18.2 was a patch fix just for our cloud instance, it happens sometimes :innocent:

Thanks for checking though! We try not to get out of sync.

I just try to update from version 1.43.0 to version 1.44.1, and I get the same output as @OnSerious

Any suggestions?

This is probably the reason: Issues updating from 1.43.0 to latest version. · Issue #1677 · bitwarden/server · GitHub