Smart autohide for web plugin

Suggestion to improve the web browser plugin by removing an user interface pain point.

Current: In browser (e.g. chrome), click Bitwarden icon, brings up the normal box. Do something in edit mode. Accidentally click off the box, and your new content disappears forever. Annoying if you have generated a new password and already changed it on some site, but it closed before clicking save. Can be really annoying if you don’t recognize that it didn’t save, and now you can’t get ever get back into the new site. Workaround is to “pop out” this box, but this requires an extra step and remembering to do so.

Desired: When the browser plugin box is open, and when in edit mode, either: a) force a pop out, or b) disable the click-outside-the-box to close “feature.”

This is why you should start to do it the other way round: First make the change within Bitwarden then on the website or wherever it is needed. If then something goes wrong both your new and the old password are save. The new one is where you would expect it to be, the old one can be found in the Password History:


As an alternative - if for example you do not want to change the order for changing passwords - make use of this little feature:


Click onto the marked symbol to pop out Bitwarden. It then will stay as some kind of an “autonomous window” and it will stay open till you actively close it.

The reason why it’s not logical to do it the other way around is because that’s usually not how the workflow operates.
You don’t start off thinking - ahh i need to change a password.
It’s usually - go to the site - ahh i need to change a password - click on the options to change the password - open the password manager plugin - then the site has another option - or something else going on you need to address - and so you click to change the password on the site - and ahhh crap - now the bitwarden has gone back nested - and you have to start over.

and the pop-out vault is nice - but it doesn’t recognize what site you are currently viewing - so then you have to search through and open it up, etc. etc.