Extension Icon Options

Just migrated from LastPass. This is so much better but a couple of options for the browser extension icon would be most useful for me and save a lot of time/mouse clicks.
(1) I’d like to turn on an option that allowed me to click on the icon and be immediately presented with my opened vault. I could call up my web sites from there instead of opening the sites first.
(2) It would be good to be able to exit/lock BitWarden from a top level selection under the icon menu rather than have to go into settings. If I leave my browser open then others have access to my vault which makes me vunerable. I don’t always want to close my browser to exit BitWarden and find it tedious to go through the ‘settings’ route.
Otherwise, loving the app. :slightly_smiling_face:

The colorful icon of bitwarden seems quite odd with the dark theme of firefox. It doesn’t go well with the consistent design philosophy and bugs my eye.

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