Small mistake in German translation

I use the German version of BW. The LogIn-page shows a wrong information in German. It says “Your vault is locked. Verify your Master-Password to continue.”

  • Is “Master-Passwort” the same as “identity” (as we see in English)?
  • To say “Überprüfen” is wrong here, better to use “Bitte geben Sie ihr Master-Passwort ein, um fortzufahren.” (like “Enter your Master-Password…”). Because I have to enter the password and not just to check it.
  • And: I have to enter the PIN and not the Master-Password.


Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-12 um 09.04.12
Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-12 um 09.04.50

Thanks for the feedback! Are you in interested in joining our translation community? You can provide direct feedback and alternative suggestions here.

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Danke! Yes, I would love to. But at the moment I stuck on the Log-In page, already contacted the support of CrowdIn.

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Thanks for letting us know, what error message are you seeing?

I just got the answer from the support, I have to use the Magic Link! Magic…
But another question: Is there a forum for the (German) translations? Or who is the “head” for the translations because I wonder if there are some general rules concerning the translations. Just by having a quick look I saw some smaller “problems” …

That would be me :slight_smile: The idea with crowdin is that you submit and vote on translations and you can click the tick box ‘create an issue’ at any time and I will happily review the feedback/comments.

Ok, I see. Maybe you can tell me how to use the direct address (?) “Du” (you). I German we can use “Du” (or “Dein”) or “du” (or “dein”). I saw both, with “D” and “d” mixed.

Another point is to use “ß” or “ss”. We should alsways use the “ß” instead of “ss”.

Thanks for the follow up! Once you get in to Crowdin, feel free to tag me to review. @djsmith85 may also have some feedback here.

Not sure how CrowIn works actually, I am in learning mode.
So, I offered an suggestion to the German translation for “Check for Updates…” by changing it in actual German phrase field. Is it correct to change it here?
Do you get informed about this change (the “…” were still missing?

Great question, hitting save there should add it to the list of translations below for voting. You can also create a comment in the sidebar and check ‘create an issue’ and that is what will send me a message to come review.

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The correct form for the address pronoun is “du”, “dein” and so on with lowercase “d”. There are exceptions for letters etc. where it is still allowed to use the capital “D”, but usually only if you know the person you are addressing.

(Sorry, seems to be available in German only.)

There are still translations where the formal “Sie” is used, I guess this should be changed to “du” as well.