SLOW android app (7sec+ to open vault)


I’m happy Bitwarden user, but after having switched from iPhone to #android, I have experienced a VERY slow user interface.
When I want to fill in a password, Bitwarden is around 7 seconds after verification, to open my vault. I thought it was because of my 1500+ entries, but from a new account with <25 cards, I experienced the same time lack.
I have even tried on several phones, all with similar result.

Do other experience the same frustrating delay?
Can I do anything to optimize the use on an android phone?

Thanks in advance,


Have you tried a different network (mobile vs WiFi) ?

Yes. Two different LTE-connections, and several different wifi.
Using, I measure rates at +170Mbps

If you are logged in once , and the vault is not set to logout on timeout , it won’t require you to have an internet connection next time you wanted to unlock the vault.(Note: login requires authentication which will reload vault items from the database but an unlock doesn’t require a 2fa and won’t always update items unless there are changes)
So if you are referring to unlock ,the internet connection speed won’t matter as the decryption would take place on device locally.
7 seconds seems little unusual , i could see 2 or 3 seconds max to unlock the vault in my case with default encryption/iterations settings and around 200 entries.
I generally use biometrics or pin to unlock which almost works the same.
Can’t guess what would be the problem here keeping in mind, that you checked it on multiple devices.
Though this problem seems to occur to a small numbers of android users.
This issue had been previously reported by some users , you can check it here

Also there is a github issue open on this here