Is unlocking vault on Android super slow for anyone else?

So I’m going to guess I have a couple hundred logins, like what most would have, I imagine. At one point in my testing, I recalled it as being acceptable, like maybe 5 seconds to unlock (vs. LP that was more like 3). In any case, now it takes 20 seconds or more to unlock. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and I still run into this problem and I don’t know why. My device is a OnePlus 6T running Android Pie and it otherwise works perfectly. Just thought i’d ask here to see if anyone else has seen this behavior.


Which value of KDF iterations did you set?
I’m using 100.000 and the vault is unlocking fast. OnePlus 3 on LineageOS 16 (Android 9)

I can confirm this, but it looks rather like a caching problem than cpu exhaustion. I gues the client retrieves the whole wallet from the server when being opened for the first time (or restarted after it got closed).
The performance on android needs to be improved.

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DBAM, that’s a great question. I used the 100K setting like yourself.

GG - thanks for confirming. I can definitely see that as being part of the explanation. Just for a comparison I installed LP from scratch too and logged in to have it pull my full vault there again and it took like 3 seconds, so we definitely have room for tremendous improvement. I’ve done another full uninstall and reinstall of BW again and it’s still so slow I really can’t use it on my Android phone. On my iPad it’s lightning fast for password entry at all times, so it definitely seems to be something with the Android client.

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In my case it’s not unlocking itself but searching for entries. I still believe we are talking about a (lack of) caching issue here.

Which Android device are you using, what is the Android version, how fast/good is your network connection, how big your vault and what is the URL of your hosting (default/custom)?

My internet connection is 350Mbps down/150Mbps up and on mobile it’s about 20/20 so my connection is good. My phone is a OnePlus 6T - new last year with like a Snapdragon 835 or something, running Android Pie 9.x. I’m using the BW online vault so its default, and I’m not sure on my vault size but I’d guess it’s several hundred logins. It’s all fast on LastPass, and BW was pretty fast for a short time but now it’s unusable. I’m not sure what could have changed, except maybe a version update, but I’ve restarted from scratch several times and it’s still dog slow to pull up my vault after login.

even with default 5000 the minimum opening times on android and web page and desktop application is painfull slow. anyway to spped ths up other than the culling of entries istored?

Having the exact same issue of slowness in Android.

So I guess I haven’t circled back on this, but I can confirm that this has been working great for me for at least 6 months. It happened in conjunction with an app update, but I believe I still reinstalled it at that time. Since then, beyond running it on my OnePlus 7 Pro I’ve installed it on several devices including a Note 9 and it worked great as well there. I think it must be something else beyond the app now, as it is working great for me and the only reason I ever use Lastpass any more is for some address autofill things it does better right now. 90% of the time I use Bitwarden.

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same on me, redmi note 5 pro, android pie

must wait 10 second before success load

maybe a lot lot more passwords and logins notes too. takes me about 20 seconds. Considering the number large thats not too bad but of course a speed boost would be nice.

Really wish there would be some speed improvement on Android. I have 2700 vault items. I’ve always had the latest phones, currently a Galaxy S21, and Pixel 5, previously a OP 8 Pro.

It is soooo sloooooow to unlock the vault. 1Password and Lastpass are superfast (but have their own drawbacks). I really want to just settle on Bitwarden. It’s great on the desktop, and on iOS, but man it is just too painful on Android. Once the vault is unlocked, everything else works great, but counting down to 90 bottles of beer on the wall every time I want to open the vault just ain’t cutting it.

That’s really bizarre. I have about 1500 - 1600 items in my vault, and it takes about 1.5 seconds to unlock my vault on my Galaxy S20, and about 2 seconds on my old Galaxy S7. Even on my old second gen iPad, it only takes a second or two.

Just out of curiosity, how large are your vault exports when you save them locally?

I can confirm the same. Thousands of logins and all my Android devices open my vault in 2 sec, maybe quicker.

Weird. Wish I knew if there was a way to clean it up to improve speeds. When I export to .json from Bitwarden, the file is about 1.5MB. A .csv is 330KB.

Very wierd. My exports are smaller, but not by a whole lot (~900 mb JSON and ~200 kb for CSV). But I only have about 150 mb of attachments, so perhaps that’s the difference?