Sharing Amongst Two Family Accounts

I need 8 users for my family. Is it possible for me to create/purchase a family account and my wife to create/purchase a second family account and then we can create organizations between all 8-12 users? Thanks.

Sharing strictly between two Family plans, would involve two separate Family Organizational Vaults.

I’m not sure if there is a feature request for the ability to share logins directly between Organizations, similar to a B2B sharing configuration.

Though for your specific need, I believe the availability to add additional licenses to the Family plan would be beneficial.
If that would solve your concern, there is a current feature request for the ability to have additional licenses for the family plan.

So you are saying that neither option (sharing between different families or adding more than 6 people to a family) is possible at this time?

Correct, the option to add additional members to a Family Organization premium plan is only a feature request currently, so the cap for users on this is maxed out at 6 users, including yourself.
If you’d like to voice your support for this feature and help to possibly get this added to the roadmap, feel free to add your vote there.

Though I’m unaware of a feature request to allow for Organization to Organization vault sharing (you absolutely could create one here if you don’t find anything similar) you could still make you way around this by copying items from one family vault to another to share with the original Family1 as well as Family2.

Though these would be separate items in each separate Family Organizational Vault, and would not stay “in sync” if a record is changed in one family.
You, or your wife as a member of both family organizations would also then have both duplicate logins within your vault as well. Though you could limit this with access controls.