Share settings from browser extension

I don’t seem to be able to share an item, edit an existing share, access collections or move items to a different vault via the browser extension?
Am I being blind, or is this functionality misisng?

  1. Navigate to the Vault view.
  2. Select the vault item to move to an organization.
  3. Select the :arrow_right: Move to Organization option.
  4. On the Move to Organization screen:
  • Choose the organization to share this item with.
  • Select one or more collections to share this item into. You must select at least one collection.

Creating a collection, like many organization management tasks, can only be done from the web vault .

I believe the same would go for editing an existing collection name as well, though if you want to edit and move which collection(s) an item is associated with that can be done from any client.

Could you specify what you are looking for with this a bit more?

  • If by “access collections” you mean to view collection items within the browser extension you simply need to select the Vault tab in the extension and you will see any collections you have access to.

  • By “move items to a different vault” do you mean sharing from an individual vault to another individual vault i.e personal & work, without the need for an Organization? Or move the item from you personal vault to an organization?
    The former may be coming soon as indicated by the current roadmap label Vault Item Sharing, which should allow for someone to easily send an item from an vault to an individual as I understand.
    Though I am not sure if this would allow for sharing with only other member Bitwarden vaults, or non-Bitwarden users such as with a link.

ok it seems this only works for items currently in my personal vault.
When I was trying to figure out how to do this before, I was obviously selecting items that are currently in my family’s fault, in which case that move to vault option doesn’t show if it’s already in a vault.