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Hey @viktor Bitwarden send functionality will be expanded so that you’ll be able to send a vault item and have someone add it to their own vault, including those outside of the organization.


No mention of fixing a critical security flaw in the product.

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Hey @drkpnda the reprompt exists as it was originally requested by the community. Enhancements are planned (these are not categorized as critical security flaws), but currently you can keep your account secure by setting up your log out/lock and biometrics settings and using a strong master password with 2FA.

In summary the team has plans for enhancing this functionality but no ETA at this time.

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What will “vault item sharing” entail?
1password has a feature where you can share a login or note or whatever with a certain email address. When attempting to access it, the receiver gets a one time passwords (code) sent to that email address. This eliminates the need to put a password on the sent item while making sure only they can access it.
Wpuld be amazing if bitwarden could adopt a similar feature for sharing vault items as it works great and is easy to understand, also for less tech savvy people.