Share a password for 1 time reading + link expiration

Suppose you want to share a password 1 time with someone else, you should be able to generate a link and email that link to that person.

He or she can than see the password 1 once. The link itself expires too after a few days (configurable when sharing?)

Kinda like, but integrated in the Bitwarden web interface.

This feature could also be used for the “Emergency access” feature request here. An emergency contact could receive an email with the master password (or another item that is configured for emergencies?).

This however, would require a working SMTP server, so it’s not perfect. I’d like to see emergency access to be more robust and not dependant on any external service like SMTP.
I.e. the old sysadmin at the company dies and servers have started to deteriorate. Only then will people scramble and realize they can’t receive the emergency password. Sounds kinda far fetched, but that’s how emergencies are sometimes.