Quickly share passwords with non Bitwarden users

Share to someone outside of the organisation, one time, eg with an expiring link to a minimal web page showing only that one password.

We consider this a basic feature and are disappointed not to find it in Bitwarden already. It’s important enough that we’d switch to another service to get this feature, as we regularly need to share passwords one-time during customer onboarding.

Hi @samtuke - Bitwarden has had this feature for a while now. Here are some more details:

If this suits your needs, let us know and we can mark this request as Solved.

Thanks for the quick response @dh024. Does this allow sending of existing passwords eg saved in a collection owned by a team? That’s what I’m looking for in this case (not just creating an ephemeral password, but sharing a password used by a team in an ephemeral way.

Eg. workflow:

  • New concierge customer
  • We create them an account including login details
  • We save the login securely for internal use
  • We share the login with them using Bitwarden, which expires after some time

This way we avoid duplicating their login or having to add them as a team member.

Hi Sam - I am not entirely sure of your use-case scenario, as I am not certain how you are using the term ephemeral, but here is a quote from the help document I pointed to:

Dynamically Ephemeral: Sends are designed for ephemeral sharing, so every Send that you create will have a specified lifespan (max 31 days) that can be configured using pre-set options or a custom timestamp for down-to-the-minute specification. When its deletion date is reached, the Send and its contents will be completely purged from Bitwarden systems. Using additional options like Expiration Date and Maximum Access Count, you can ensure that access to recipients is terminated according to your needs.

Hopefully that suits your needs - you can use this service to send Text Sends from any Bitwarden account, including a free one, so you might wish to try it out to see if it suits your needs. (File Sends require a Premium subscription, however.)


@samtuke - welcome! additional functions for Send (such as sending an existing vault item) are also on the roadmap :+1: